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Jun 26, 2007 06:46 AM


Hi fellow hungry people,
I'm going to be in Philly for an afternoon for the first time and I love cheese steaks! So i'm looking for the best cheese steak in all of philly! Preferably near the city center where the liberty bell is. I imagine we will visit that. Plus, let me know if there are any other must sees in the city. Thanks a bunch everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Welcome to Philly. For starters, the Liberty Bell is not in the "city center", or Center City. It's in the center of the historical district (aka Old City). Regarding steaks in Old City, you'll want to stay away from any there as they are for tourist suckers (i.e. bad and overpriced). The cheesesteak debate rages on here daily. I know folks will recommend lots of good cheesesteaks which are located all over the city, but since this is just an afternoon trip, go to South Street and get Jim's.

      While you're over at Independence Hall and all that, go check out the Dream Garden mural across the street in the Curtis Center. It's a large mosaic of Tiffany glass, a lovely secret tourist place.

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        Thanks for identifying the Dream Garden. I happened to wander in there while waiting for my Independence Hall tour 3 years ago. All I remembered is that the building belonged to a publishing company? As you say, lovely and secret. I never found mention of in any tourist guides.

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          Where are you from? Old City is a sub-district of Center City. The boundaries for Center City are William Penn's original survey of 1682. Vine Street (then Valley Street) on the North, South Street on the South, and river to river. And, technically, since Jim's is on the south side of South Street, it's not in Center City. Because the original building codes didn't apply to this area (previously Southwark and Weccacoe) all the theaters and rowdy 18th c. pubs were down there--and that's why the area still looks like it does (well, now it looks like any other mall). For one day visits, go to RTM.

        2. If you want a cheesesteak in old city try Sonny's Famous. It's not a tourist trap.
          216 Market Street

          If you want a really good sandwich go to Tony Luke's or John's for a roast pork italian.
          Kicks the best cheesesteak's butt.

          1. Well...the Liberty Bell is not exactly in the center of Old City, but on the western-most edge.

            Anyhoo, back to food.

            I second Sonny's in Old City for a great cheesesteak.