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Jun 26, 2007 06:46 AM

Breakfast and good coffee for foot commute in the CBD

I have been working at One Shell Square and staying at either the Intercontinental or Hotel W for the last few weeks and have not yet found a decent breakfast solution. I just want to grab some kind of egg sandwichy something that is not microwaved and an espresso (or expresso, in the local tongue) based coffee beverage that doesn't taste like cough syrup. This morning I went to the W Café in the lobby of the hotel and got a breakfast croissant, which would have been great if it had been fresh and not nuked. My coffee options were regular and decaf. Apparently the commercial espresso machine behind the counter has a purely decorative role.
Sorry about the complaining! Please help and keep in mind that I do not have a car and won’t take a taxi to go have breakfast.

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  1. I know Mother's has breakfast, but I don't know if they have grab 'n' go options. Might be kinda messy. PJ's (at Camp and Girod) or CC's (on Poydras, maybe at Carondolet or so?) has acceptable coffee. Or stop by Luke, , I'm sure they'd be happy to make something to go.

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      I first went to Mother's about a dozen years ago and remebered the black ham sandwich as one of the best things I had ever eaten. I went there a few weeks ago for the first time since and was kind of disappointed. Maybe my horizons have broadened in the last 12 years. I will look seriously at Luke, since it is next door to the office. Thanks much.

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        Try Cafe Envie at the corner of Barracks and Decateur--great coffee, quiet atmosphere and some good morning snacks.

      2. Try Steve's, located at 828 Gravier, between Baronne & Carondelet. Don't think it has espresso (since you're in NOLA, try cafe au lait made with chicory coffee), but it does have hot cooked breakfasts.

        For espresso, try one of the CC's locations downtown: 650 Poydras or in the Whitney Bank building at 228 St. Charles. Or the PJ's coffee at 644 Camp St.

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          I saw PJ's on the way back from running the other day. I shoulda thought of that. I am here for a couple more days this week, so maybe I will try both. Thanks Celeste!