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Jun 26, 2007 06:17 AM

Best Veggie Burger

Where would you suggest getting the best veggie burger?

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  1. This sounds strange but Bubby's has an EXCELLENT veggie burger. The one at brgr is okay too.

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      Hands down, BRGR has the best veggie burger. Made fresh daily. Located at 7th Ave just north of 26th St

    2. Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop has a great veggie take on the Big Mac called the Big Mack Daddy. Can be served with or without cheese (ie vegan option too).

        1. I know its a chain so you might not think its that great: but Houston's is FABULOUS. I am a huge carnivore but I would eat their veggie burger anyday.

          1. ny burger on 22nd and 6th.