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Jun 26, 2007 05:55 AM

lunch near ft. wayne

will be returning from indianapolis to michigan...we like to find local places ... no buffets...thanks

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  1. Not sure of your price range or how close or far away from Ft. Wayne you want to be, but there is a great restaurant in Roanoke, about 15 miles outside of Ft. Wayne, Joseph D'quis, I have always had a great dining experience. The owner of American Specialty has really turned the little town of Roanoke around. It is a quaint little town .

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      thanks...this sounds wonderful...will let you know

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        on a chowhound recommendation we had lunch at joseph decuis in roanoke, indiana and it was great...the restaurant itself was charming...we ate lunch in the courtyard...the gumbo was very good and so was the conch husband had the kobe bbq sandwich and i had the tempura walley...the service was good and we would like to have dinner if ever the opportunity was very good and so far the best recommendation from a chowhounder yet...thanks