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Jun 26, 2007 05:44 AM

Dining with a view in Monmouth County

Here's the situation--I'm a vegetarian, my father is not. His favorite restaurant is Bahrs Landing, and for him a 'good place to eat'=fish & a view of the ocean. I liked Bahrs as a kid, but either my palate has grown more sophisticated as well as green, but the times I've forced myself to go with him and eat fish, I wasn't overwhlemed. It was okay and yes the view and air is lovely, but I'd really prefer something with a few more veggie options than just one, rather gross sounding pasta dish and well, just something different.

Do you know of any good dining in the area with a view of the ocean to please my father, half-way decent fish, but ideally something where I have some nice veggie options? About $20-30 an entree type places?

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  1. You might try Inlet Cafe in Highlands. It's not far from Bahrs and has nice outdoor waterside tables. The food is pretty good and less expensive than Bahrs. Here's the menu:

    I haven't been to Bahr's in years. My last few meals there were disappointing.

    1. Try Neil's Original Oyster further down the road in Highlands.....It is down by the ferry landing. Similar view, much better food!!

      Oh and they have some decent vegetarian choices too

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