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Jun 26, 2007 05:35 AM

Imago at the Hassler in Rome

Just reading another thread and a poster mentioned that Conde Nast said Imago was very good. Has anyone been? Any reviews would be appreciated. We are in Rome for one night (training in from Venice) before we board ship. We ARE staying at The Hassler. I was reading about La Pergola but it certainly would be nice to relax at our hotel as well. TIA, Linda

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  1. Never heard of it till yesterday here, then saw this morning on Zagat it's listed among the tops, but so are a lot of places I would never go to (as well as several I love). I learned on the hotel web site that it was launched in 2006 with a very young chef. It sounds beautiful, but the cuisine sounds so avant garde that it could go either way. I think if I were staying at the Hassler for one night between two long trips that I would just relax and enjoy it. But speaking for myself, I will wait till I hear from some people who have gone.

    1. The chef is indeed young and indeed talented...he helmed the previous restaurant at the Hassler before the change to Imago (the Rooftop Restaurant) and his cooking was really terrific when we ate there. Ive not been to Imago but I'm very excited to go...and several friends have dined there and raved...look fwd to hearing your review!

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        All depends on what you want, I guess - one night in Rome do you want to experience something distinctly Roman or international fusion/experimental restuarant cuisine even on the top level?

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          I am not big on "avant garde" food so I guess I'll pass on Imago. Linda

      2. We are in Rome right now. We have always stayed at the Hassler until this trip. Don't know the restaurant, but I agree with the comment about trying something very Roman. We had a great dinner tonight at Marcellos. Have the Roasted Veal. Don't hae the steak. Listen to the waiters. They know what is good. The pasta dishes that were great were the rotini with tomato and basil and the phenomenal penne with asparagus. Skip the desserts and go out for gelato.

        We have been eating our way through italy for 17 days, going from Ravello to Lucca to Florence to Siena to Chanti to Rome. It has been GREAT!

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          Thank you Susan. It is very hard when you have only one night. Linda

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            Glad to hear you went to and enjoyed Marcello. I have recommended it for years and have found 95% of those who go there enjoy it. The restaurant is also close to the Hassler and Spanish Steps.