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Jun 26, 2007 05:25 AM

Easy road trip from Boston

Not sure where to go this Sat. and wondered what people thought. Are there any festivals on the 30th? Someone had mentioned what sounded like a great place in that big ice cream thread a month ago. Somewhere north, around Rt. 38 I think, what was the name again? I thought about combining that with Lawton's Hot Dogs in Lawrence but what else could you do to keep you occupied for the day? Then if we went the other direction, where could we go? I liked Bristol RI but would like to try another town. Anything in Barrington or Warren? Plymouth? Going to Gloucester on Sun. so that's out. We're open but want to go some place that's got something interesting besides food. Thanks.

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  1. I always love Wickford and Jamestown, RI. Both nice small places on the water with lots to see and do- and some good dining. Not sure how much of a drive you are into, but I know if I had a humid Saturday ahead of me, a little time in Wickford and Jamestown would make me very happy. They are both pretty spots without the traffic and intensity of Newport. Have fun.

    1. Were you thinking Mac's Dairy Farm in Tewksbury? It's awesome homemade ice cream. Saturday night at Boarding House Park in Lowell (outside awesome music) is a concert with Buckwheat Zydeco (it's a great venue for music)

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        This is what I would do, start at Lawtons - If there are 2 of you split a special 2 dogs and ff's, then go to Tripolis for a scicilian slice or 2, then to Fisichellis bakery for Pastachio cookies(better then Mike's), you could then digest your food by going to the Addison Gallery at Phillips Academy, it always has interesting exhibits mixed with the permanent collection. Then I would go down the road to Richardson's in Middleton,for ice cream - mabe hit a bucket of balls. I agree that Boarding House Park is awesome, as is Buckwheat Zydeco. You can enter the park at 5 concert begins at 7:30 bring sand chair or blanket claim your spot, you can picnic, but they have a wonderful food tent - or you can leave and stroll Lowell for more chow possibilties. If Choro's(sp) bakery (corner of Merrimack and Palmer) is open try the Dulce de Leche cake, it comes packed nicely to go.

      2. How about Westport MA. The Westport River Winery is an intresting visit and wine tasting. There is also Horseneck Beach and for dinner the Back Eddy- lovely setting on the water and nice food. On the way, stop in Fall River and pick up some sweet bread at a Portugese Bakery (look them up on line and get directions).


          Polly's Pancake Parlor - Sugar Hill N.H.

          It's a beautiful drive from Boston. A real working farm and restaurant. Best pancakes anywhere. They grow everything used in their restaurant. Pure maple syrup -- and the corn cakes are the best. Be prepared to spend a few hours there....not sure if they take reservations. Check the website. They have even won a James Beard Award.

          1. Maybe check out Waterfire in Providence. Easy drive lots of good food.