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Jun 26, 2007 04:32 AM

Hell's Kitchen -- June 25 show

So it's starting to shake out now. We're seeing more about the food and what they're doing in the kitchen, the worst of the weak links are mostly gone.

Would you have kicked off Vinnie or Bonnie? Hard to choose -- Vinnie shouldn't have been that inept considering he has line experience, but Bonnie is too much of a novice to be part of that kitchen.

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  1. Gordon should have chosen to get rid of both of them. There is no such thing as crying on any line, or kitchen I have ever worked in. Bonnie is in way over her head.

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    1. re: swsidejim

      I think Ramsey would have chosen Bonnie had Vinne actually acknowledged he hasn't performed well. Saying you have your "head up your a**" and admitting that your food are lackluster are 2 different things.

      1. re: wingman

        I agree Vinnie was cocky, while Bonnie was humble, I think that is the only thing that saved her.

          1. re: lax2mia

            agreed, I only watch for some comedy relief between innings of the White Sox games. Chef Ramsey cracks me up, and reminds me of a few of the chefs I worked under. Typically the screamers I worked for like Chef Ramsey didnt come down on you unless you deserved it.

      2. re: swsidejim

        Agreed that both should have gone. WTH was Rock doing nominating Josh? WAY too obvious that he just has a grudge against Josh - kinda figured from the previews that that was who Ramsay was overruling.

        I kind of agreed with Jen's nominating Melissa, although I'm still not sure why Jen was chosen to pick the person to go.

        I am SO rooting for Julia, the waffle house cook, to take it all. Would love it.

        And did anyone see the previews for the American Kitchen Nightmares? Doesn't look like he tones it down the way he does in the British version. Too bad. Like the BBC-America show (last season re-runs starting July 12th, I believe).

        1. re: LindaWhit

          I'm rooting for Julia, too. She seems the most professional of the lot.

          Bonnie came right out and admitted that she only ever cooked for 4 people at a time, and if things were wrong it was no big deal. Why did she even try out for this show? What was she thinking?

          1. re: KTBearW

            I love Julia too! She has a fantastic attitude. Loved it when whiney know it all Melissa chided her about timing and Julia's cool response was - thank you Melissa. LOVE HER.
            What's with Rock talking in the 3rd person?
            And while I'm at it...Josh seems to have some aggression issues. He scares me.
            Ahh the guilty pleasures of bad tv....

            1. re: tochipotle

              I was only listening while pulling up carpet, not watching, but Melissa sure didn't seem to get that Ramsey was yelling at her to stop pushing Julia when Julia already told her how much time she needed.

              Bonnie admitting she was bad and wanted to learn from her mistakes is what saved her. Vinnie couldn't admit it.

              LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Julia!

      3. They always have such problems with Beef Wellington...can't they just take an internal temperature and know if its done? I've never cooked it, so I'm not really sure, but that is generally how I test meat when I cook it in the oven and don't want to cut it open to check. Also, is anyone else totally impressed with the Waffle House lady...she may have the chops to run the kitchen if she can learn enough quick enough. Is the prize this year different...they used to say they would become "executive chef", this year they are saying "head chef"...I don't know enough about how a restaurant runs to know the difference...can someone enlighten me?

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        1. re: sunshinedrop

          Not positive, but I think executive chef sets the menu, head chef is in charge of the cooking.

          1. re: sunshinedrop

            The waffle house lady (Julia) seems to be the only one of the women capable of doing basic kitchen tasks consistently and learning from her mistakes. She knows what she knows and has no ego about it.

            In the first ep when none of the women "chefs" could fry a quail egg, it's some kind of stupid to not call over the woman who has fried a thousand eggs a day in her last job. That's all about ego, not winning.

            1. re: sunshinedrop

              Greetings, it appeared that Bonnie understood the principle of internal temp and kept repeating, I forgot the right temp for medium. Risotto, pasta, and Wellington have been on every season's menu so one would think the contestants might practise this stuff before. The timing of the main courses to come together on each table's order has thrown off the novices over and over again. I also suspect the pastry combined with the dense meat inside makes the dish less tolerant to have its baking interrupted by a cook w/o a handle on the timing--the guy on the other team just kept tossing his mistakes away and hoped his dumping bin wouldn't be spotted. And if someone asks for med-rare or med-well done, even if your probe says the correct temp was reached, that's no assurance the customer will agree.

              1. re: moto

                I think they're all horrible to be honest.

                Seriously though-I don't get the concept of what the hell is going on. Do the contestants come up with the menus? We never get a glimpse of what the menu really consists of. I know its not Top Chef but what the hell? It seems like the whole show is basically about who can handle getting yelled at best.

                1. re: evilcatfish

                  It appears that for the first several episodes (until you get down to the last few) it's basically a contest of "best line cook" with a small table d'hote menu that seems to have varied little in the three seasons (I specifically remember wellingtons, risotto, seared scallop salad [the Salade St. Jacques], some sort of lobster spaghetti). Later on there seem to be some variation on the kinds of foods being served (such as a couple of specials from contestants who make a winning dish in the first challenge) and the last episode is basically them making their own menu in their themed restaurant.

                2. re: moto

                  You want to cook your meats just slightly under the desired doneness, since the interior will continue heating up if you let it sit.

              2. While I do like Julia and agree that she has the best head on her shoulders I don't think she could handle a fine dining kitchen all herself, I think she would need some extra tutoring. That being said I don't think anyone else on that show could handle it either. At least I think Julia can be trained. Just that someone actually needs to be TEACHING. Yet I still watch.
                For all the lines I cooked on when I was a kitchen bitch, no one was ever as inept as most of those people. You make a mistake, you suck it up and F*ing admit to it or it throws the whole line off.