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Jun 25, 2007 10:58 PM

Yogurtland in Irvine

So I have tried Pinkberry in LA, Frucci in Pomona and now Yogurtland in Irvine. Waited 20 minutes in line tonight at Yogurtland in Irvine and ended up with about a pound of tart creamy goodness. The self service is a great idea however, you can really go overboard with the toppings. Eating a pound of yogurt is insane but people were guzzling the stuff like there was no tomorrow. There is something wonderful about the tanginess of the yogurt and the sweetness of the fruit. The line could go much faster but two kids at the register were just overwhelmed with too many people. So if you have lots of time and money, stop by this new addition to the yogurt craze.

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  1. I was there tonight too. The line is absolutely insane.

    1. was there last weekend, and it was WORTH the $13 for two of us.....yes, a bargain it is until you hit the register scales! an occassional indulgence, for sure.

      1. I was there father's day weekend and the line was insane. I counted a total of 104 people waiting in line (89 inside & 15 outside) in front of us. Despite the number of people, we were in and out in 35 minutes. So don't get too discouraged if you see a long line. I've tried plain tart, espresso, green tea, blueberry tart, strawberry, mango, taro, pistachio, chocolate, peanut butter, oreo, cheesecake. I love that most of the flavors are subtle and not too sweet.

        1. Okay so I went back again and had time to sample more flavors. This time i got "tart" flavors and non-tart flavors. I was surprised that I didn't like the tart flavors. I like Pinkberry. Then again, Pinkberry isn't so much yogurty as it is Yoglooy (this kind of sweet Korean yogurt drink in the frozen section of the supermarket) This stuff was pretty tart and yogurty.

          Yogurtland's non-tart flavors didn't taste any different to me than Golden Spoon's wares. For instance, their chocolate mint tasted a lot like GP's chocolate mint, though honestly I'm not a connoisseur so maybe someone else could tell the diff. If Golden Spoon updated its flavors and started advertising more, I bet they'd get mad crowds like this place.

          One thing I do like is the dduk (mochi ball) topping option at these places. I love chewing on them when they're cold and I think it's kind of cool that the American public is embracing them too. You can buy these little dduk thingies at any Korean grocery store for $1.99 a box, usually near the canned sweetened red beans.

          --oh yeah tart flavors I've had so far: plain and blueberry. both too tart for me, sorry.
          --non tart flavors I had: green tea (tasted like sweetened air), new york cheesecake (where's the cheesecake flavor?), taro (mild but semi tasteless), chocolate mint which I always like
          --toppings I've tried: blueberries and dduk

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            Yow! I've been to that area recently, and saw people lining up around the block for Yogurtland. I was wondering what the big deal was. I have yet to try it.

            I do love mochi though, and green tea yogurt sounds great too (it reminds me of the green tea yogurt I ate at TCBY literally EVERY day while I was in China).

            Golden Spoon's yogurt is lush (anyone tried the cake batter flavor - yum!)

          2. I still can't believe the lines at yogurtland! I went there for the third time last wk on a thurs. at 10.3opm and there was a 25 min wait. I was a group of friends and we were just chatting as we were waiting so it didnt' seem that long. Most of them that tried it for the first time really did enjoy it especially the self serve toppings part. I usually just go for the tart flavored ones now after trying a couple of the non tart flavors such as green tea, taro, strawberry cheesecake. The non flavors to me tastes too artificial and just very plasticky. Tart to me tastes the most natural and fulfilling. The green tea flavor at Yogurtland tastes like fragranced soap.
            I did finally try Pinkberry last Sat on Vermont in HOllywood and did think that their yogurt is a lot more creamier than Yogurtland's. If I did have a choice between either Yogurtland or Pinkberry or Kiwiberry I think I would choose either PB or KB because I their yogurt tends to be more tart and creamier. Yogurtland's yogurt tends to me more icey and watered down. But when I did got to Kiwiberry in Rowland hts 2 wks ago I felt so ripped offf. The girl at the counter gave me the stingiest swirl of yogurt I've ever had in my life. The swirl didn't even touch the perimeter of the cup! it was the weakest and shortes swirl ever.. I chose just to go with a kiwi and strawberrry topp;ing and it amounted to 4 bucks! At yogurtland I would have gotten twice the amount of yogurt! So for value I'd sayYogurtland.