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Jun 25, 2007 10:32 PM

St. Louis - Bosnian

Looking for Bosnian/Croatian recs for St.Louis. Here's the tough part -- includes a vegetarian.

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  1. I went to The Taft Street Restaurant and Bar with some friends who had been there. http://www.gayot.com/restaurantpages/...

    It has won best Bosnian for several years if that means anything-

    I wish I could find a menu online but I can't. They had this pasta appetizer in a butter sauce that was to die for. I could have eaten 3 or 4 of those and nothing else...


    1. Maybe Grbic? I don't know about vegetarian tho. They won Best Eastern European this year for Sauce.

      1. I don't recall the name, but on Gravois, east of Bevo Mill, North side of the street, there's a bosnian bakery with a small, very casual restaurant attached to it. Mostly sandwiches made with various grilled meats, boureks (meat and veggie), fries, a salad or two. Very tasty, abundant, and cheap. Maybe your friend could get by with salad and a bourek? In general bosnian food is pretty heavy in the meat dept., so even at the places with a more extensive menu your friend probably won't have any more options than what I've mentioned, and the boureks are probably going to be better from a bakery.