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Jun 25, 2007 09:00 PM

Tell me about grits...

I love the "idea" of grits - but I don't think I've ever eaten them, and I definitely have never cooked them. But I bought a package of grits at the store tonight, and I need some ideas. Are they breakfast? Dinner? Either? Sweet? Savory? Cheesy? I don't know where to start.

Help me with your favorite way to eat grits!

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  1. If you've ever had polenta, you've basically had grits (let's not get into semantics). Grits are ground cornmeal, sometimes but not always hominy. They are great with eggs for breakfast (or lunch), but are so versatile you can make them with any dish. Here are two versions I love:

    Cheese Grits and Eggs - make the grits, adding salt, pepper, cheddar, and hot sauce to taste. Pour into a bowl and top with over easy fried eggs. Eat with a spoon The runny yolks are delicious with the grits.

    Greek Grits Etc. - Make grits the night before, adding a good amount of feta, black pepper, crushed red pepper, garlic, and whatever else you want. Spray small round containers with cooking spray and pour grits into these individual servings. Refrigerate overnight. Saute the grit 'patties' in olive oil and arrange on a plate with grilled sliced marinated (balsamic and garlic, perhaps) chicken or lamb, kalamata olives, spinach, tomatoes, etc.

    1. first lets start with what you bought, instant, quick cooking or long cooking.It is going to make a big differenc. If you bought instant just throw the out now, no bother. They will have all of the apeal and flavor of library paste. I don;t know why Quaker keps playing this mean trick on consumers bt the stuf is not worth eatng. You want at the least the quick cooking variety ot better yet Anson Mills or Callaway Gardens, ther real stuf,

      1. Huge fan, and I've never ever heard grits explained better than by Alton Brown on his "Good Eats" Food Network TV Show. The title of the episode was "True Grits", and a complete transcript of that episode along with recipes and an explanation of the difference between grits, hominy and polenta (read notes at end especially) are to be found at:

        1. They can be breakfast or dinner, but I think I have never had them for lunch.

          Grits are not worth eating if you don't add enough salt while they are cooking IMHO. Candy is oh so right - instant grits are awful.

          At breakfast I like them plain, cooked thick not runny, with just butter. At dinner I like them with cheese, or garlic, or both, or in the Frank Brigtsen showpiece in this wonderful thread.

          1. I will eat a bowl for breakfast with a pat of butter, and some crumbled bacon thrown on top.

            a classic grit dish is grits with shrimp (might have cheese in it, I can't remember)