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Jun 25, 2007 07:38 PM

Oswald's new location: Santa Cruz

Hello: does anyone know if Oswald has reopened? What's the new location if it has?

I can't seem to find current info online, but I might not be looking in the right places. We *don't* do any business with them, we just want to eat there for an upcoming special occasion. thanks to anyone with information.


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  1. Hi Chardgirl!! No, Oswald hasn't reopened. They will be located in the old Garage sports bar on corner of Soquel and Front so it will be quite a transformation. We walked by this evening and peered in (at the street level) and looks like a good bit of work to be done still. Anyone out there have more details on timeline?

    As an alternative, what about Theo's or La Posta? La Posta is doing Sun. family-style prix fixe meals for $30 a head which is a good deal for 4 courses. Patrons sit at their own private tables so it's not a one communal table event. I'm hoping to try it soon! Anyone out there try a Sun. meal yet?

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      Thanks for this reply. I don't know why I was confused! How about Theos? Any idea how they're doing these days? I've never ever been... but I've been intrigued for years.


      ps I do like La Posta!

      1. re: Chardgirl

        I have never been to Theo's but it's on my very short list of local special occasion places to check out. You might also consider Gabriella Cafe. They have a new chef, Sean Baker, from Zibibbo in Palo Alto. Their previous chef is staying on as pastry chef but is apparently starting a sheep farm (maybe you've heard?).

        Christina Waters who writes for the Good Times has a blog that I follow to get the latest local food gossip. That's how I first heard about Oswald's new location. It's nice because she doesn't have to censor herself as much as when she writes for the GT.

        1. re: Carb Lover

          CL: Thanks for the link to Water's blog - the write up on the Gabriella Cafe wine dinner sounds like something I would have just loved...sigh... I want that calamari salad now!

          1. re: RWCFoodie

            I recently had some really good food over at Pearl Alley Bistro, Vida's and Avanti. Of course, those are all my favorite picks anyway, so I may be a bit biased.

            And Oswalds is indeed opening up at the site of the Garage Sports bar downtown. They were hoping it was going to take a couple of months to do a remodel, but servers who worked at the site are saying its going to be possibly up to a year before reopening.

            I haven't eaten over at the 515 yet (where Barossa Grill used to be). Anyone have any comments?

            1. re: Mamaafc

              We ate at 515 a couple months ago for a light dinner. We shared the mezze platter and got a couple of drinks. Like its sister restaurant, Red, we found it uneven w/ some parts being tasty and other parts not working for us. The crowd seems to come more for the drinks and hanging out factor. I've heard that the lamb burger is very good, but they only serve it at lunch. I would return for lunch or brunch to sample more of the menu.

              What have you liked at Vida?

              1. re: Carb Lover

                At Vida the desserts are simply to die for. I usually go for whatever my server recommends if I have a hard time choosing. Being a local server in the downtown area I get lots of treats here and there.

                Thanks for the input about 515. Everyone around here seems to think that its owned by the same people that own Red. Unless I am grossly mistaken, isn't owned by the people who own the Red Room? My boss sold the building and said it was them.......unless I heard wrong.

              2. re: Mamaafc

                The cheese plate at 515 is very good, and I've enjoyed their gelato selections a couple times. Also, the late night fried chicken is delicious, though, I was tipsy when I had it, so my judgement may be clouded . . .

      2. Oswald's has reopened. It is on the corner of Soquel and Front Sts across the street from Long's. It is in the same location where the Garage Sports Bar used to be. I haven't eaten there yet, so I can't say how the new place compares with the old one. Same phone number.