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one honeymoon night in cannon beach

ehl4f Jun 25, 2007 07:29 PM

We're taking a mini-honeymoon to Cannon Beach right after we get married in the Gorge and will be there for only night. Where should we eat dinner? Where should we stay?

  1. m
    MikeLM Jun 25, 2007 07:58 PM

    Is the Adobe Motel still operating in Yachats? A LONG time ago they had a restaurant that received reviews on the East Coast. We used to come down from Seattle for long weekends and the rooms were delightful, just about fifty feet from the surf. Each had a fireplace and a plentiful supply of firewood. Great place to lounge in bed and watch the fireplace and the surf. If you can't think of anything else do do...

    The restaurant was also about 50 feet from the surf, with wonderful razor clams, and a lot of other good stuff.

    1. h
      HAF Jun 25, 2007 08:10 PM

      In Cannon Beach we really like Gower St. Bistro--no view of the H2O but great food. We also tried Neumark's, run by the former chef at the Stephanie Inn, but were not as impressed as we were with Gower St., but it had JUST opened so that may have been it.

      If you want to splurge and be romantic (and who doesn't!) stay at the Stephanie Inn--right on the water, great rooms, some with 2-person jetted tubs. The Stephanie also has a very nice restaurant which we've enjoyed in the past. Same people that run the Stephanie also run the Surfsand Resort, which I haven't stayed at but the rooms seem nice. They have a more casual restaurant (the Wayfarer) which is a nice lunch spot or casual dinner spot. They have a deep-fried avocado that is amazing (a heart attack waiting to happen, but amazing!)

      Less fancy but with great views is the Hallmark Resort--we were there for 2 weeks last year and going again for a week in July. Not fancy, but right on the beach, and the oceanfront rooms have great big balconies.

      For breakfast if you have time definitely hit the Lazy Susan--usually a wait, but it goes fast, and the food is great. If you don't have time then pick something up from the bakery at the far end of town (the one that advertises the Haystack bread)--they also have good lunch sandwiches.

      Congrats on your upcoming marriage--my husband and I have been going to CB every summer since we got married (7 years) and it's great every time!


      1. JillO Jun 26, 2007 08:15 AM

        About 20-30 minutes away from Cannon Beach is the Nehalem River Inn: http://www.nehalemriverinn.com/

        It's the best place to dine in the whole area, really. Absolutely delicious and beautiful food and Ryan and Nicole will make you feel very welcome. You can also stay there - I have never seen the rooms there, I have had many great dinners there, though.

        The Stephanie is a beautiful property to stay at, but I have had a couple of really awful meals there in the last couple of years and would never go back for one of their dinners. I agree that Gower St. is better than Newman's, but I don't think it is that great. Wayfarer is a very nice breakfast and lunch spot, but their dinners are not that good.

        We usually stay in Manzanita, just south of Cannon Beach. A nice place there is Coast Cabins...pricey but very nice. Inn at Manzanita is also a very nice place.

        Congrats and good luck!

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