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Jun 25, 2007 07:26 PM

Where in San Diego to have a rehearsal dinner for $20 per person?

Does anyone have any ideas on locations for rehearsal dinner for around 50 that cost $20 or less per person?


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  1. DeMilles in Normal Heights has a great outdoor patio and we have attended a few parties there, I bet they could do it.

    Make sure that you give the stablishment your ultimate amount that you wan tto spend per person, to make sure it inlcudes the tax and tip. Tax and tip adds roughly 25%.

    Good Luck!

    You could do a great deal if you a home for your dinner and you could have the food brought in.

    1. Can you do it at someone's house and have the food brought in?? I got married at a bed and breakfast and we had great Mexican catered for less than $20. 50 people is quite a bit. I now it is not very tasty but I went to a rehersal at the Spaghetti Factory, it was fun.
      what area of SD are you looking for.

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        We did ours at my parents hose too. You could bring in some great food from Mandarin Dynasty in Hillcrest. This woul also leave you with a budget for drinks.

      2. We dined on Saturday night at CAFE MILANO in La Jolla on Saturday night. The have a private dining room, and they offer catered events for 19pp. The food was very good. They can offer wine for an additional 5 pp.
        Good luck, let us know what you choose.

        Cafe Milano
        711 Pearl St, La Jolla, CA 92037