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Jun 25, 2007 07:12 PM

Good Chow Between ATL and Charlotte? I-85

Anyone have any good eating spots between Atlanta and Charlotte off of I-85.

Especially interested in good barbecue but any worthy places would be welcome!

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  1. That's a long stretch of road. Where do you think you'll be eating? Also, how far off the road are you willing to go?

    1. if you narrow down what city you want to stop in and do a thread search for something like "Greenville I-85," you will get a ton of options:

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        I am looking for anything really unique or good in between the two places since I frequently drive back and forth and stop in different areas. Thanks for the tip about Greenville - I will definitely look into that.

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          I'll add my nomination for Henry's Smokehouse that is listed under the link above. That's where I stop on way to Asheville.

        2. I make the I-85 run all the time. Some places:

          Chateau Elan Exit -- Taco's Mexican Grill, for good hole in the wall Mexican just south of the x-way. This is a good place if you want to get out of Atlanta before finding a place to eat.

          Spartanburg -- The Beacon is famous, but far away from I-85. They do have the best sweet tea in the South, and it's even good in bottles. (You can find it in some of the just off the road I-85 convenience stores). For good meat and three that's more convenient and easier to reach, take Business I-85 into town and eat at the Peach Blossom Diner at the state Rte 9 exit. It isn't anything you can't get in many other Southern towns, but it is unusual to find it right at the exit ramp.

          King Mountain NC -- The Mountain View Restaurant is an above average "family restaurant" in the middle of town. Big menu, home coooked deserts, all the little old ladies in town eat there. Get off at Exit 8, turn left at the Hardees in the middle of town. Also good for breakfast is Blackwood's drive-in, which is a short way north of exit 8

          I have never had much luck on the Atlanta to Greeneville stretch of the run, and usually end up at a truck stop. I have also wanted to try the large BBQ joint on US 29 just off the expressway at exit 4 off I-85 in NC, and have never found it open.

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            Thanks for the info on good places to stop. I will keep them in mind next time I travel!

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              Is the Beacon in Greenville still open? Been a while since I was through that way.

              Great burgers and shakes. Fries were okay. Decent Onion rings. Not too far off I-85. Fast service, you stand in line and walk your order down.

            1. Stax Omega House for great diner food. I forget the exit number (there are several in G'ville, and one is right off I85). Love it.

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                Stax Omega, yum. If I recall correctly, you would exit at Pelham Road, Exit 54, off of I-85. I believe it's on Orchard Park Drive?

                1. re: Suzy Q

                  Stax is off of Orchard Park so take Pelham Road exit toward downtown Greenville and you will drive a few miles but when you come to the Haywood Road light, take the left and get in the left lane. Your next turn is Orchard and it will come up pretty quick. If you want great Mexian food, go to Anita's in Simpsonville which is just south of Greenville. Take the Laurens Rd/Mauldin Rd exit to the right and it will be about 5 or 6 miles down from there. If you need better directions let me know and I will get them for you. Henry's Smokehouse is very easy to find. Again, Pelham Road exit (54) and go toward downtown and it is less then a mile up on the left past Chik-Fil-A but on the same side of the street

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                    Houschton Cafe. Hwy 53 exit, the exit north of Chateau Elan. If headed north, turn right from the exit. Go past downtown Braselton, the Braselton city hall (huge white house) and the elementary school. You'll come to another town center (which is downtown Houschton). Just as you enter the "downtown" area, there will be a one-way street on your right. Very easy to miss. It right next to the City Hall (just look for the cop cars) and a little strip of restauraunts and shops. The address is 28 Bell Avenue, Hoschton 30548 and phone 706-654-1380. Good meat and 2 lunch. Awesome breakfast. Call ahead and they can have a biscuit waiting for you to-go.