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Jun 25, 2007 06:48 PM

Sweet Potato Fries - Phoenix

Certain foodies such as myself tend to obsess over certain food items and seek them out everywhere. I have a few of these items that I search all over for, and one of them is sweet potato fries. I've loved them for as long as I can remember, and until recently felt that they were kind of difficult to find. Now they seem to be popping up everywhere (at least in Phoenix) so I thought I'd compile a list. I'd love to know your favorites and if there are any I've left out.

And now in descending order starting with my favorite...

Delux - These are definitely the best I've had, and I think a lot of it has to do with the garlic aioli that they're served with. It's addictive! Plus the cute little shopping cart definitely makes them the winner for presentation alone.

FEZ - I only recently tried these and thought they were fabulous. They are dusted with cinnamon and served with a sauce similar to Delux's. After my first bite I almost put them ahead of Delux as my new favorite, but after a while they just got too sweet. I mean don't get me wrong, I can't wait to eat them again but I'd almost order them for dessert!

The Vig - I also just tried these recently and they were pretty good, but unfortunately they just came with ketchup. For me the sauce is definitely the icing on the cake, and ketchup just doesn't cut it.

Rumbi Island Grill - These were pretty good, and they did come with a special "Rumbi Fry Sauce", but I felt the sauce needed a little more flavor. The fries were crinkly though and for some reason that kinda ruined it for me. It made the fries seem more generic instead of gourmet.

Tanked Fish - These were soggy and boring. Blah.

I know Simply Burgers in Gilbert has them, but I can't attest to the taste. I feel like I'm forgetting somewhere...

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  1. I heartily agree with the Delux assessment -- delicious -- but I thought FEZ's sweet potato fries were awful. Saturated with sugar and cinnamon, sickingly sweet -- ugh! I dig orange fries, too, but call me American or whatever, I prefer ketchup on fries, any fries, to the mayo-based sauces, unless it's a perfectly constructed aioli. Fries are the only foodstuff I eat with ketchup, and vice-versa.

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    1. re: misohungrychewlow

      My girlfriend agrees with you on the FEZ fries. The sugar and cinnamon kill them for her and I don't think she liked the aioli. She loves Delux's spf's and especially with the aioli. I'm pretty sure she's killed for them before, but I didn't ask any questions to keep plausible deniability. :)

      1. re: misohungrychewlow

        i guess i'm alone here, but i liked FEZ's fries. i like everything sweet though. i can see how they would be a turnoff to others.

      2. I'm not really contributing anything new to this discussion...Delux spf's rock, FEZ falls flat.

        I guess I just want my fries to be a salty side dish and not dessert-like. The sweetness of the FEZ fries totally threw me off the first time I tried them. The experience was very unsatisfying. The only plus side is now I don't order fries at FEZ, leaving me room for packing on all the calories in the Tangier burger! :-)

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        1. re: pickychick

          i agree the FEZ burger is absolutely delicious. who knew pears, feta, garlic, fried onions, and molasses bbq went so well together?

        2. Someone recently told me that Blu Burger in Scottsdale has great spf. I have not tried it yet. Anyone else been there recently?

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          1. re: barry

            Blu Burger's sweet potato fries were decent, but the serving size is minuscule for the cost.

            1. re: Seth Chadwick

              I've also heard several times that this place is kind of a mess and/or has really subpar food (I find it quite difficult to make a truly bad or even subpar burger, it's hard, but I hear they manage). I'd rather drive the extra ten minutes (from my home) for Delux at somewhere around the same price tag.

              Every time I have gone, we order a mixed basket. The sweet potatos are first to go, and we always wish we had ordered basket entirely of those. They have pretty good regular fries too, I'm just speaking to the quality of the sweet potatoes.

          2. On my very short list of fried foods I will eat, sweet potato fries are in the top 3 (in no particular order, the other two are protein pancakes from US Egg and soft-shelled crabs in spider rolls). I haven't been to any of these establishments abbefaith has mentioned, but I have tried them at a few places here in AZ (strange, but fortunate for me, that not many restaurants offer them... I've eaten them in other states many years ago!)-

            1. Redfish Seafood Grill and Bar in Chandler- THE BEST; I order them unsalted and extra-crispy.

            2. Cupid's Hot dogs in downtown Chandler- sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, but I order them plain. Only tried them here twice, and I had to throw the second order away since I forgot to request no cinnamon sugar. This 50's style cafe closed down due to slow sales.

            3. El Paso BBQ Co.-OK; thin-cut and does not compare to Redfish; won't order them again.

            4. Philadelphia Sandwich Co. in Old Town Scottsdale- an ex-coworker owns this place. The fries are served with pancake syrup. I don't care for either.

            I was told that although Outback does not list them on the menu (baked sweet potato is listed as a side), the restaurant will cook them for you if you order it. Haven't tried it here. I've never been to Simply Burgers, so I don't know if the fries are good there. Anyone tried any of the foods there?

            I've read so many good things about Delux on here and in other sites. One reviewer stated that he prefers Welcome Diner's burgers over Delux, though. I rarely eat burgers nowadays (haven't eaten at fast-food joints in years!!), but am tempted to try both establishments now. Red Robin's salmon and BBQ chicken burgers are great, but I do not consider RR as a fast-food joint. Do you?) Has anyone tried Roaring Fork's Big Ass Burger? I haven't, but the green chile pork stew, K-Sa-Dee-Ah, Green Chile Macaroni (THE BEST! And I'm not a fan of mac 'n cheese at all), and Duck Breast entree are must-tries! (RR's menu lists sweet potato mash- has anyone tried it?)

            Sorry for all the tangents- I'm funny that way :)

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            1. re: starlightjulian

              I have had the Big-Ass Burger at RF and it was great. Big, yes, perfectly prepared, very juicy, high quality beefy taste, yet the bun was sturdy enough to handle it, the green chiles were present in the background, the cheese was a little milder than expected, the bacon was thick-cut and savory but almost superfluous, and the fresh tomato, lettuce, and (onion? Lost in the ether -- have to have another one for validation) ... Even so, it can hardly live up to its hype. It's like going to Pepe's in New Haven or Peter Luger in Brooklyn or Chez Panisse in Berkeley after hearing dozens of breathless testaments and reading a couple of hundred boffo reviews. How good can it really be? What if it isn't? Well, on the right day, and when one is receptive, sentient, tuned in and really hungry, they may deliver the very best. BTW ... Pepe's and Chez Panisse delivered, big-time -- I'd like to have another BA at RR someday and see ...

              1. re: starlightjulian

                I liked Simply Burgers, but, not the Sweet Potato Fries (I'm spoiled by Delux). I wondered if Simply Burgers would survive. I like the concept, but, I'm not your average burger eater, and the location seems out of the way. I probably won't go back, because Gilbert is too far away from me.

                1. re: johnseberg

                  If anyone finds themselves @ Starfire golf club for Lunch.....they too offer sweet fpotato Fries as a side to any of their entrees.....
                  They are seasoned well and yummy.

                  1. re: johnseberg

                    Still haven't tried Delux or Fez, although a coworker has tried both (his 1st time at Delux just a few nights ago) and says he prefers the cinnamon fries of Fez. I've actually stepped foot into Fez one afternoon a few months ago, but the servers there seemed unwilling to serve anyone. Indeed, no one greeted me. I also felt a negative vibe... like I wasn't welcome. Very strange.

                    1. re: starlightjulian

                      you should try fez again. i've been there twice now and both times had great service. the fez burger is so delicious!

                      1. re: abbefaith

                        I might try the Fez burgers and the SPF once, but I have a feeling Delux (never been) SPF may be a better fit for me, as I do not like my fries loaded with cinnamon sugar! I've posted it above that of all the versions I've tried here in AZ, Redfish Grill SPFs are my favorite!

                    2. re: johnseberg

                      I didn't like the sweet potato fries at Simply Burgers, either. They were greasy and oversalted. I actually didn't think their burgers were that great. I work just down the street from there and send my employees to grab lunch for us every day. I only sent them to Simply Burgers twice, just didn't like it. Mostly it's Flancers that I pick in the area.

                      I LOVE the SPFs at Delux, haven't tried Fez.

                      1. re: cowateni

                        I didn't care for Delux' ultra-limp sweet potato fries. Stax' fries aren't any better. The server offered to have them redone, but it just seemed they just threw the same batch in for a re-fry, which just caused them to char. Awful. The SPF I had at Fez were AMAZING. Thank goodness I didn't need the apricot aioli that accompanied them to enjoy the dish- I honestly couldn't tell what it was supposed to be; it was so bland, I had to ask the server what it was. The fries were perfectly crispy and tasty, albeit a little too sweet at halfway point :)

                        The Keg serves great SPF as well, in conjunction with their burgers!

                        I'd like to take back my comment that Redfish made the best SPF... the last two times I ordered from there before it seems it closed shop, the fries had no flavor whatsoever... just sorry burnt strips of sweet potatoes.

                        I tried the sweet potato "planks" at Urban Campfire- not bad, but not great. I thought they were sliced too thin, very greasy, and had heavily sprinkled with herbs and spices.

                        Has anyone tried the SWF at Gallagher's? I've never been. Does Flancer's offer them? I've never been, either.

                        1. re: starlightjulian

                          Not sure if it's in your wheelhouse but the family likes the SPF at Fine's Cellar. Come with a trio of dips (vanilla, balsamic & can't remember). Yum, yum. Just add a duck confit brat.

                    3. re: starlightjulian

                      The Keg (canadian steakhouse) has INCREDIBLE burgers!!! they grind the beef in house, and they are so juicy and delicious!!! hmmmmmm..if you're looking for a good burger :)

                    4. Joe's Farm Grill in Gilbert serves excellent sweet potato fries. They are sweet, but not too much so, great texture, and have just the right amount of coarse salt. They come with a tasty pineapple serrano dipping sauce as well, which I really like. I just wish they offered a bit more of the sauce.

                      You can see a photo of the fries here:

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                      1. re: jasonaz

                        Redfish Seafood Grill and Bar's sweet potato fries look EXACTLY like those of Joe's Farm Grill. A platter full of 'em will only set you back $2 plus tax. No sauce or dip on the side... there's no need for it! I usually request no added salt. Mmmm... I have such a craving for SPF, I almost made my first visit to Delux just to try their version tonight, but I was able to control myself :)

                        Thanks to jasonaz, I now must add Joe's Farm Grill to the list of Delux and Fez for must-try!