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Jun 25, 2007 06:41 PM

Out of the way favorites in Old Montreal/ Plateau?

I'll be in the area with my boyfriend for 4 nights/6 days in mid-July. We've already made reso's at Pied de Cochon, so our must-see stop is set. What we're really looking for are suggestions for the most interesting/hole in the wall/out of the way/or local spots for the remainder of our meals. We're not much into visiting too many expensive or very well known places when we travel...we want to see the local haunts!

We're staying in a guest house a block away from Cochon so anything in that general area or in Old Montreal would be great. Everyone's thoughts on the best cafes, wine bars, bakeries, etc. would be much appreciated!

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  1. For coffee go to Caffe Art Java on Mount Royal, a 5 minute walk from your hotel. Wine bars, try Aszu on Notre-Dame street in Old Montreal and Pullman on Park and Sherbrooke. As for bakeries, Olive et Gourmando on St-Paul in Old Montreal. For breakfast, you could also try Byblos on Laurier Street and Cartet on Mcgill.

    1. For brunch or lunch: Reservoir on Duluth near St-Laurent. They serve up some great food and brew some very good beer.

      For bugers and poutine: Patati Patata on St-Laurent near Rachel. They do slightly fancier twist on Quebecois fast-food.

      Meu-Meu on St-Denis south of Mont-Royal has some of the best ice cream in town.

      Pistou Dejeuner on De La Roche south of Mont-Royal serves up a really good breakfast and the service is friendly if sometimes a bit spotty.

      La Banquise on Rachel near Parc-Lafontaine is THE place for poutine. Try the Duleton with ground beef and onions or the Galvaude with turkey and peas.

      In Old-Montreal, one of my favourite lunch places is Titanic on St-Pierre north of St-Paul. They serve up the freshhest and tastiest lunch fare. Everything there is just perfect.

      The owners of Titanic also run Cluny Artbar on Prince north of Wellington. The food is similar and the quality is on par with Titanic.

      Both of these places are open for lunch on weekdays only.

      Also, I second the suggestions for Art Java, Le Cartet, Olive & Gourmando and Byblos.

      1. You might want to check out this post - it is not centered in Old Montreal/Plateau necessarily but it has some great ideas. If you need directions about how to get to a particular resto, just ask!

        1. thanks for all of the suggestions, guys! i'll be taking note of them and hopefully i'll get to quite a few

          now, if i could only find a public train guide...

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            what do you mean by "public train guide"?

            1. re: kpzoo

              well, we were hoping there'd be some sort of public transportation and we prefer trains/subways. are there any....?

              1. re: kimberlya

                Of course, in the second most dense city in North America, there is a very good subway. Closes between 1 and 2 am; that is the only real problem. See the following link

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                  It is called le Métro, and don't forget to pick up a free métro and bus map from the ticket taker at the booth. Make sure you ask for the métro and bus map, or they will just hand you a pocket map of métro lines. Very useful. Back to foodie topics, by métro you are up at Jean-Talon market in just a few minutes from where you are staying on the Plateau. The métro goes up to Laval now (the island north of Mtl island) and down to Longueuil (South Shore).