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reheating egg rolls

Is there anyway to reheat an eggroll with out it becoming soggy?

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  1. I'm a big fan of the toaster oven. Depending on your settings, I'd set it on Medium, keeping the egg roll in the cooler section of the toaster (mine always heats up most in the back). And make sure there's at least an inch and a half between the egg roll and any heating element--I tried this with fried wontons for lunch and ended up burning the tips that stuck up and were nearly touching the heating coils. Bah!

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      Toaster oven, yes! I would roll it a couple times to make sure the entire wrapper gets crispy.

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        Yep. Or a regular oven. Put 'em on a rack.

      2. Agree with the others in regards to using a toaster oven, but I sometimes zap it for a very short time to heat the interior and then toast.

        1. You should be able to heat it in the oven or the toaster oven... not the microwave unless you don't care what texture it is.

          1. About 30 seconds in microwave then about 2 minutes in a non-stick pan to crisp up.

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              This works surprisingly well with cold pizza, too.

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                This was perfect. 30 seconds in micro, then a couple minutes in a cast-iron with olive oil made them perfect. Thank you so much.

              2. a quick(1-2 mins) dip in the deep fryer in your kitchen will do the trick.

                1. I usually blast it in a very hot (preheated) oven for about 5 minutes - around 450.

                  1. thanks for all the suggestions! the oven, and 30sec in the microwave worked like a charm!

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                    1. Warm them up in the microwave briefly, then finish in the toaster oven.

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                          Yep, that works too. My only issue with the frying pan method is that you only get crisping where the pan makes contact with the eggroll. A toaster oven will crisp the skin more evenly.

                      1. i really like them cold the next morning.