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Jun 25, 2007 06:11 PM

Where would you eat if $ is no object?

Hello! I have a first year wedding anniversary coming up, and since we both like food (and excellent service) I thought it'd be nice to go out to and *really* treat ourselves to dinner.

If money is no object, where would you eat? I'm thinking Per Se? Of course, there could be other places that I have no idea of.... we usually try to be kind of frugal in our dining.

Please help!


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  1. Veritas- very good wine selection and amazing food.

    1. IMHO, Per Se isn't really all *that* great. It's good, but--well, I wasn't wowed. Maybe I built up my expectations too much. For the formal dining experience, I really think you can do just as well at Le Bernardin for much less.

      My favorite splurge meal is the tasting menu at WD-50, but you kind of have to like unusual food. Dishes are really interesting (some argue not always good, but in the three times I've been, I've never been disappointed) in a laid-back, but elegant setting. Service is impeccable.

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        what a subjective experience is food...been to per se twice, and each was a unique, transporting experience. ABSOLUTELY recommend it for a special meal.

      2. Definitely Le Bernadin's chef's tasting, AMAZING!

        1. Think I would like to try Masa

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            Jean George is one of the most amazing meals I've had in awhile.
            The hostesses are really great if you tell them the occasion.

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              been to Per Se twice. First time was disappointing. Second time (just last month) was fantastic.

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                    HAHA, I actually love momofuku and go back whenever I can't resist the calling of their pork buns! it'd be funny to spend our 1 year anniversary in there....!

            2. Cafe Gray. Gray Kunz is the Man, and it's really not a break-the-bank experience like Per Se or Masa, either. His food is still inspired and sublime.

              Veritas is a great choice also. Always a consistently underrated and overlooked place for many New Yorkers, but both the food and the wine are very good.