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Jun 25, 2007 06:01 PM

can i keep take-out sushi overnight and eat it the next day...

without ill effects? i'm a little paranoid, but i feel like it should probably be okay to eat sushi that i ordered tonight for dinner tomorrow for lunch. what do people think? i simply got too much to finish, and it's really good. of course it won't be as good tomorrow, but still edible, no?

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  1. Yeah, it'll be fine. The rice will likely dry out and if there's any nori, it'll get chewey. But there's no serious health risk I don't believe. Its really not a lot different than getting sushi from a supermarket at the end of the night when it was made first thing in the morning.

    1. No problem. Try wrapping it in saran wrap to keep the rice from getting hard.

      1. Depends what's in it and how soon refrigerated. Nigiri with egg or cooked shrimp, or rolls with avocado and cream cheese and 'crab legs' - no problem. Raw tuna or other fish, I'd pass.

        Exception: the orange "flying fish roe" is pretty resilient if you get it chilled soon.

        1. I would not eat raw salmon, period, or any fresh-water raw fish for that matter. I would certainly not eat ot as leftovers. But much else, yep, I've eaten day-old tuna rolls and unagi and just about everything. Never had a problem.

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            That's a whole different question, though.

          2. thanks everyone! turns out it was a moot point - i got snack-y very late at night and ate it already. : ) but good to know for next time.