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Jun 25, 2007 05:49 PM

Italian or Middle Eastern Restaurant in DC?

I have an overnight layover in DC and am looking for a great dinner in the Georgetown/Foggy Bottom area on a Thursday evening. Either Italian or Middle Eastern food in a fun atmosphere. After having said Italian or Middle Eastern, I'm actually up for any cuisine if you think there's a restaurant in the area I just shouldn't miss. All prices are OK. Any suggestions?

Many thanks.
Natalie from San Francisco

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  1. I am not a Georgetown expert by any means, but this is what I could think of. Firefly isn't Italian or Middle Eastern, but it is good food in a fun atmosphere in the Foggy Bottom area, I would really recommend it. Pizza Paradisio has good napoli style pizza in gtown. Mie N Yu is a fun atmosphere with good drinks the food is good (firefly is better), but they have an interesting ethnic blend.

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      Thanks, ktmoomau. We ended up have dinner at Notti Bianchi in Foggy Bottom. Friendly service with good, authentic Italian food, plus it was a quick walk from where we were staying. The only downside was that the atmosphere was a tad off. It could have been because it was summer, plus hot, plus humid, plus really hot. Did I mention it was hot? Folks may have preferred lighter faire and dined elsewhere.