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Jun 25, 2007 05:49 PM

Anniversary dinner - under $150

We love good food, but are on a budget. Hoping to find some recs for a place that has great food (anything but Indian, as we have it way too often), and good atmosphere. It doesn't have to be textbook romantic, either. We love places like Cafe Gitane, Celeste, but are looking for something a little more..I don't know what.

Somewhat 'sceney,' as we are young parents and Queens denizens and never get to feel 'with it.'


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  1. Balthazar! Yes it is a little loud, but the food and the atmosphere ("sceney") is great..and you can definitely enjoy a great dinner with wine for a little under or no more than $150.00..If this is what you choose, call and make a reservation ASAP...It is very popular

      1. re: lanadai

        extra virgin in the west village is also pretty good and in your price range. it's pretty sceney as well.

      2. Some quick ideas:

        - Upstairs at Bouley - no reservations but get there before 7pm and you are golden! Delicious and inexpensive
        - Bellavitae - a bit more wine bar, but delicious food and totally reasonable
        - Lupa - what can be more romantic than a happening, casual trattoria??

        Also, consider bringing a bottle of your own really special wine and check ahead to see what the corkage fee is - wine is going to be one of your biggest costs...

        1. Little Owl, Crispo, Apizz, The Orchard
          I also agree w/Upstairs. Just went this weekend and wait was about 10 mins for a table for 2 at 9:30. Seating is cramped, but it is oddly romantic.

          1. thanks to all - these are all such great suggestions!
            Going out to dinner, I often feel like I do when going to a record store - zero ability to remember what it is I want.