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Grand Cayman Rec for 20th Anniversary

Going back to Grand Cayman after a 12 year hiatus and need to know local and special food favorites. This is for our 20th Anniversary and we are using Marriott miles for the Ritz Carlton. Heard Papagallo mentioned but if I remember it was quite a drive from 7 mile beach area.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! We were there for our 10th anniversary in Feb and stayed at Ritz. First off, the Ritz is fantastic in every way - we had many meals at 7 (including dinner) and loved them all. Also dined at Ripert's Blu; beautiful room, excellent service, food was good not great.

    Off property we really enjoyed Decker's and Grand Old House. Had an awful meal and terrible service at Wharf; it's received mixed reviews on this board.

    We also found that casual dining in town was expensive and mediocre. By end of our stay we were content to remain at Ritz - meals were not cheap but it was worth it.

    I hope you have booked a room on the beach side - the views are spectacular. Have a great time!

    1. Congrats! Just got back from Grand Cayman again, I LOVE it there.

      The restaurant of the moment is Calypso. You will need a reservation though. It is not to bad of a drive from your hotel, just head North and you will see signs.

      Also, you should consider...

      Fisherman's Reef (next door to Calypso) It has won the Cayman Islands 2006 Chef Award. They also have a tasting menu or "themed" as they call it.

      The Warf (Seven Mile Beach) It is consistently thought of as one of the best restaurant's on the island. Great views....food is OK. Contrary to the other post, we've always had good service there.

      Grand Old House (Church St) They have won 19 awards from Wine Spectator Magazine.

      Ristorante Pappagallo (West Bay) Slightly more relaxed, but great menu. Food and wine have both received rave reviews. The drive isn't too far.

      Enjoy! And be sure to treat yourself with MANY Tortuga Rum Cakes!!!

      1. Papagallo
        - Bacchus
        - Brasserie
        - Grand Old house
        - Roland's Garden
        - Mezza

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          Have been at least 3x year since 1985 on biz ( ughh I am old) #1Calypso and the tuna roll is to die for: #2 Grand Old House mostly for the setting and the fact that it is the most upscale not attached to a Hotel ( Ritz); #3 Mezza wild atmosphere( loud and bar can be packed) , good food but shopping center atmosphere and no view ..#4 Pappagallo but stick with the fresh fish or pasta...good Italian wine list ( pricey as expected )

        2. Our top three are:

          Calypso Grille, nice setting on West Bay, could be romantic
          Pappagallo, great food, on marsh
          Lone Star, not so romantic - just half kidding

          1. Any of the restaurants at the Ritz would be good. Cafe Havanna at Westin is excellent, if you can get a table on the patio (it is screened, so not to worry about squeetos size of sea gulls).

            1. Just returned from Grand Cayman in early June.
              Rupert's Blu at the Ritz for formal (mostly - jacket no tie) romantic dinner is probably best choice.
              Calypso Grill is excellent but definitely need a reservation.
              Other thoughts not mentioned:
              The Lighthouse (about halfway to the east side of the island -- a trek but the food is excellent and so is the wine list)
              Lobster Pot -- lacking a bit in the ambience but great food & wine list
              Harvery's -- new, downtown.
              Raguzzi's -- Italian and across the road from the beach.
              Cracked Conch up by the Turtle Farm (lunch / dinner).
              Other observations.
              The Wharf is variable (service more so than food) and I've never figured out what causes the variability.
              Had a poor experience at the Grand Old House a couple of years back.
              Pappagallo's just doesn't work for me for some reason.
              Bacchus is good but tables are small and quarters close.

              1. I'm not leaving till mid September so keep the replies coming!!!!!

                Thanks a bunch!!!

                1. We were happy eating at the Ritz Carlton everyday! Dinner at Blu was great. Food and service was great. We decided to venture out the last day to Cracked Conch and was disappointed. The meal actually end up costing more than our Ritz Carlton meals with the cab rides!

                  1. I am going on Norwegian Cruiselines the week between X-mas and New Years 2007. We will have stops in Cozumel, Mexico and Grand Cayman, We will have our 3 kids age 16, 13, 9 with us but they are adventurous foodies. Any suggestions on where to eat lunch or what to do on those stops. Also anyone with experience and suggestions regarding dining while on Norwegian Cruise Line "The Pearl". Thanks Doc

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                      For your Mexican shore visits, please post on the Mexico board:


                      You may also find some existing tips for Cozumel on that board.