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Moving from Tribeca to UES - what do I need to know?

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Hello Hounds!

I'm moving to the UES. I've never lived in the area before and I would love to know any secrets of the neighborhood. For example: delivery, go-to restaurants, grocery, and specialty stores! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm going to miss it down here, but I'm excited to try out new culinary adventures.


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  1. The most important thing you need to know is where the subway stops are. You won't find many adventures in this neighborhood. With that said, a few of the places that should be mentioned more often on this board:

    Chicken Kitchen on 2nd ave @ 62nd. Cheap, yummy grilled chicken. Slow delivery so better take out or eat in.
    There's a farmers market every Saturday on 68th St bet. 1st and York Ave.
    Tori Shin on 1st Ave bet 64th and 65th. Too expensive for what you get but try it if you like yakitoris. And they have a great shiso leaf sorbet.
    Gourmet Garage is a nice, not-so-cheap grocery store on 64th St bet. 1st and 2nd Ave.
    Sasabune 73rd near 1st ave. Great Sushi.

    And a few great places that get mentioned a lot:
    Sushi Seki
    The bar room across the street from Etats-Unis (This is one of the only places with a downtown feel in the UES).

    Tell us if you find anything exciting.

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      I would say that there are a few very good restaurants on the UES. They are sort of like neighborhood charms. The good thing about dining on the UES is that each place is not a scene. You don't feel like you have to look your best each time you go out.

    2. There's a new place that just opened up (still working out a few kinks) but the food was wonderful. We were lucky enough to stumble upon it last weekend. The name of it is Solace and it's on E.64th st. and I'm pretty sure it was between York and 1st Ave.. They didn't have a liquor license yet so it's BYOB.

      1. where on ues are you moving to?

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          Sorry - I should have mentioned that in my original post. I'm moving to 86th and 3rd.

          Thanks to everyone so far - this has been helpful and I've started compiling a list!

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            General groceries-food emporium for bare necessities
            -meats and fish-citarella 74th and third
            -fruits , veggies etc-corner stands like the one on 86/2nd-much cheaper than stores
            soups-dean and deluca 85th and mad-on the expensive side but great-the rest of food terribly expensive and so so
            -take out sushi-fish store on lex between 87th and 88th on east side of street
            -quick cool drink/frozen stuff-jamba juice lex between 86-87
            For restaurants
            The tastiest chicken-Pio Pio-91st /1st (look all these up in menupages.com etc)
            Best Chinese-Pig Heaven 81st /Second-esp the ribs!!!!!!!!!!!
            Best Italian-Spigolo 81st/2nd
            Great fish-Torquiose
            Massive Italian food and wed. lobster nights-Toni DiNapoli-good for grooup
            Alsacian/unstuffy French foo-Quartorze-79th just off 2nd
            Pickles-1st ave between 85/86th
            Brazilian-Zebu-92nd/off 2nd
            Anything bakery like cakes, cookies etc-Two red hens 2nd and 85th
            Indian-Dachshin 88th/1st-esp the tandoori-very tasty unlike any others
            Chinese noodle soup-Lilis 85th/3rd
            Fast Japanese takeout or sit down-not fancy but decent-Teriaki Boy-92nd and 3rd
            Fancyish Italian-Elios-84th/2nd
            will think of more...later

            1. re: UES Mayor

              I find Food Emporium incredibly over priced, even compared to Citarella etc. I still cannot fathom how they charge what they do and why people shop there. I've actually seen things cheaper at Dean and Deluca down the street from the one on Madison. Though, I have to say, I've gotten some good meat there, on the recommendation of the D&D butcher when he was out of something - said they get their meats from the same place. But other than that, I always regret my purchases there!

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              There's a great German butcher - Schaller and Weber - on 2nd Ave, just south of 86th - just up the street from Two Hens. Another good, but pricey, butcher is Schatzie's on Madison around 87th - worth going into just to talk to him! I live a bit north and west of you and do most of my grocery shopping at Citarella, stopping in occasionally to Eli's for certain produce and other items that I can't find at Citarella. Wonderful baked goods at Eli's as well, and they have some surprisingly well priced and interesting wines at their wine store next door. Mr. Wrights is a couple of blocks north of 86th on Third - pretty reasonable wine/liquor prices. We also like K&D on Mad & 96th for wine. I second the Zebu Grill rec, and there is also a really interesting restaurant called Kurio across the street - family owned, somewhat eclectic but delicious fare. Great cocktails. You are also very close to Wu Liang Ye - great Chinese. There are a bunch of restaurants on 2nd Ave. north of 86th - didn't think much of Cilantro (would rather go to El Paso on E. 97th for Mexican), go to Tenzan and Ichiro for sushi, but recently discovered Inase - 1st Ave. and 81st - which is much better. Do make it up to Itzocan - Lex and maybe 101st for really interesting Mexican food - lots of huitlacoche. Welcome to the neighborhood - will post more when I think of more.

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                Eli's on 80th and 3rd. I live midtown and still travel up to this market on occasion to peruse what's there.

            3. If you are in the 79th Street area then Agata & Valentina is good for produce but everything else is expensive. We buy most everyday things, including produce, at Fairway on Bdwy & 74 St and lug them home on the M79. Agata has good grated cheese though and is a good backup if I need something in a pinch.

              Orwasher's Bakery on 78 Street just east of 2 Ave has great Middle European type breads but I prefer their Irish Soda Bread which is not the cakey, crumbly style you get everywhere else.

              The Mansion Diner has reopened on York Ave at 86 Street and the food is as good as it ever was. Don't go for burgers but do try any of the dinner plates. Also, the chicken noodle soup is outstanding.

              1. 1. chicken kitchen is definitely great - doesn't look like much, but the chicken is terrific!
                2. there's also a great little hole-in-the-wall fruit/vegetable stand right next door to it - it's hit or miss, but you definitely will not find cheaper produce anywhere in the area.
                3. i get sushi from sushi matsu on 70th btw 1st and york - fresh and very reasonably priced.
                4. just went to solace last week. the food is very good (a little expensive, but good) and the service is even better - definitely try to go before they get their liquor license (they said it should be coming in a few weeks).
                5. gourmet garage is ok, but nothing really special in my opinion.
                6. chinese good/roast meets - kar won on 60th btw lex and park - tasty and cheap.
                7. melange on 1st btw 64th and 65th is terrific for meats, cheeses, and other specialty items.

                will try to think of more. but yes, where on the UES will you be living?

                1. You've gotten great suggestions...Spigalo is by far the best on the U.E.S. For Jewish Deli Food I love PJ Bernstein's on 70th/71st and Third...the matzo ball soup is to die for.

                  1. This is really great! Thanks everyone so much. I really appreciate you taking the time to write back. It is enormously helpful!

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                    1. re: Briek

                      I'd be interested in hearing any more suggestions for great restaurants and take out options on the UES.

                      1. re: jackieparis

                        Chennai, First and 87. Very yummy southern indian.
                        Saigon Grill, if it ever re-opens and solves it's labor problems.
                        Gaucha, next to Pio Pio, empanadas and other Argentinian foods/wines.

                    2. Pio Pio. Tasty chicken, ceviche. The only place I think of when I think of that neighborhood.

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                        I didn't know they had ceviche - I've only had take out from there once at a friend's - will have to check this out!

                      2. try Payard and La Maison Du Chocolat for great, tasty mini macarons. they're probably two of the better spots for macarons in the city, IMO.

                        Payard - 1032 Lexington Ave @ 73rd.
                        La Maison Du Chocolat - 1018 Madison Ave @ 78th.

                        1. Beyoglu for comfort Turkish, all the expected yummy appetizers you shmear on awesome bread, and main course lamb dishes worth over-stuffing for. Third betw 80/81.

                          200 E 81st St, New York, NY 10028

                          1. you need to know the food is better in tribeca. But you can always go to sushi Gari on 78th street

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                              The food may be better in Tribeca (I don't know this for sure), but it would also be nice to not spend all of my money on one meal out or one shopping trip to the Food Emporium in Tribeca. It may be nice for non-Tribecans to come down every once in a while and enjoy the amazing restaurants - but living in the neighborhood is quite expensive.

                            2. -Cafe d'Alsace on 88th and 1st is a welcome addition to the UES. I've been a few times and it's been consistently good.
                              -Agata and Valentina on 79th and 1st is the most reasonable gourmet food store IMO. The same cheese in Eli's is $5.00 more per pound!
                              -Jasmine on 84th and 2nd is good reasonable Thai. Crowd can be kind of young.
                              -Luca on 1st Ave between 88th and 89th good service, comfortable neighborhood italian.
                              -Pig Heaven on 80th and 2nd
                              -York Grill on York between 88th and 89th, a good neighbor restaurant worth checking out since you'll be living near by.

                              1. The gormet stores like Agatha and Valentina, and Eli's are both nice places to go (although Eli's prices make me gag!) I do all my day to day shopping at Morton Williams Associated on 81st and 1st. It is a clean store, decent prices... it's small but has some charm to it and has the variety of what I am looking for.

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                                1. re: Steve444

                                  I agree, I do all of my basic shopping at Associated as well.

                                  1. re: LolaNYC

                                    Thanks for all of your tips - I really appreciate all of this. It will be nice moving in and having a list of places to buy my food and eat out.

                                    1. re: Briek

                                      Begolyu, for sure! My absolute fav restaurant on the UES. We also just got an Alice's Tea Cup. Great for a lazy Sunday afternoon. And Spigolo is pretty great. Arriba Arriba is the most decent mexican - they have great sangria.

                                      One thing you'll find is that there is a bit of a frat boy atmosphere on 2nd Ave with all the pubs. So, you have to do a bit of wandering to find the good places. Im still searching for great Indian on the UES.

                                      1. re: piegirl74

                                        You're definitely right about the "frat boy atmosphere" ... I'll have to check out Arriba Arriba - wasn't a fan of Cilantro.

                                        Arriba Arriba
                                        1463 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10028

                                        1. re: piegirl74

                                          Mumtaz on third btw 84th and 85th..eastise of 3rd.. great indian..nothing to look at.

                                  2. 2 avenue my friend.Just walk down 2nd avenue and you will find anything your heart desires.The most restauraunts per square mile packed in any street in the world!

                                    1. I see Beyoglu mentioned here a couple of times...and deservedly so. By far the best value in the UES. Ask for the lamb manti, these little dumplings with a creamy yogurt sauce. The run as a special, so they're not on the menu.

                                      1. Alice's teacup is no secret but it is an absolute treasure. What's even better is that they have two locations on the UES. Since you live there, trying going on a regular weekday when it's not stuffed top to bottom with out-of-towners.

                                        1. For really good marketing - Agata & Valentina on 79th & 1st. Their prepared food costs a fortune, but for the fresh stuff (fruit/veg/cheese/meats/fish, etc.) the prices are good. The quality is way better quality than Food Emporium and usually cheaper.

                                          For nonperishables, miscellaneous, I highly recommend Fresh Direct, which is pretty much always cheaper for canned/frozen/household goods.

                                          Sushi - Sushi of Gari on 78th btwn 1st and York

                                          Chinese - Wu Liang Ye on 86th btwn 2nd & 3rd

                                          Brunch - I love the brunch at the Mustang Grill on 85th and 2nd. I hear people complain about the service, but I've never had a problem with it.

                                          Chicken - Pio Pio on 90th and 1st has the best chicken ever. Delivery, in my experience, is horrible. Best to just go pick the food up.

                                          Diner - The Green Kitchen on 78th and 1st.

                                          Burgers - Finnegan's Wake on 73rd and 1st.
                                          These are my personal neighborhood faves