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Jun 25, 2007 05:14 PM

Texan Potato Salad Recipe

I just came back from Austin for a wedding and twice had potato salad served with BBQ that was totally different than what I am used to (mayo, sour cream, etc..). I think it was just potatoes, onion, maybe mustard,vinegar.....really tangy and delicious. The first place served it and I thought it was just unique to that caterer - but then I had it at a BBQ place at the airport wating for our flight. The airport salad looked the same - sort of yellowish orange - but was bland. Any texans out there with the recipe? Am I right that this must be a more traditional texan Potato salad to serve with BBQ? Thanks!!

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  1. I'm guessing you had the potato salad at the Salt Lick in the airport. For the most part, "Texas" potato salad is both mustard (yellow....not anything fancy) based with mayo or miracle whip. For this type, potatoes are usually peeled and boiled really soft so that as it's mixed the potatoes break down a bit and bind with the mustard and mayo making that soft fluff like taste. Some places add onion, most pickles (many times sweet pickle relish to cut the tang of the mustard), and sometimes pimentos. Otherwise, not much else is added. It's a staple at must 'Q places in the state. I don't really know about the origins, but until not to many years ago it was all I really knew in terms of potato salad (born and bred Texan).

    Hope this helps.

    1. Many southern potatoe salads have hard boiled eggs - very delicious.