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Jun 25, 2007 04:54 PM

Any suggestions for great street food vendors or tiny unknown places anywhere in LA?

I am trying to find some great "street" food places to take a friend who is from out of town and interested in this sort of thing. It could be vendors, carts or even just little hole in the wall places with great food...maybe ethnic? I have heard of a few and checked out Jonathon Gold's book counter intelligence but I was hoping for a few more recommendations. Thanks!

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  1. wat thai temple in north hollywood on weekends. they have food vendors set up during the lunch hours.

    1. for a great, cheap, freshly-made falafal sandwich go to Hungry Pocket across the street from Santa Monica College.
      if you go on a monday or a wednesday afternoon, i believe they may still be offering a great all-you-can-eat deal on these sandwiches.
      be sure you get some of their home-made piquante sauce. it is the best in town.
      they also have a juicer there and will squeeze your juice to order (apple, orange, can't remember the other choices).
      Hungry Pocket
      1715 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica 90405
      Btwn 17th & 18th St Phone: 310-450-5335

      1. there was a post on this recently:

        i definitely recommend getting hodduk (a korean sweet pancake) in front of the california market at western and 5th in ktown. YUM!

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          the hodduk guy is the best..i love going there

        2. it's not exactly "street food," but the grand central square market downtown has lots of vendors, options, and great food

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            Seconding GCM. Other than that, hit the outlaw taco carts and trucks of east LA.


            Leo's is on his front page right now and that's a pretty good bet. If you want more "street,"


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              Hey...these are all great! Thanks everyone for the quick replies!