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Jun 25, 2007 04:35 PM

Recs for nice place for dinner around 91/22 frwy

Looking for a nice restaurant for our companys 25th anniversary. No chains. Something for 24 people that would please all. Near the 22 and 91 frwys so it'd be centrally located. No more than $45/plate. Northern Italian is nice or anything that's comparable. Thanks, Gerry

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  1. Near the 91/22? What city would that be?

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      The other guy picked Spagatinis sp? in Seal Beach....we'll see how it is....thanks for rresponding to my post. Gerry

    2. can you give east west boundaries as well?

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        Yes,a Vietnamese friend said Brodards is real good. these guys wouldn't go for anything too ethnic...unlike me as I love Vietnamese and Thai food.

      2. 91/22 sounds like Orange/Anaheim area. I don't know much around there for Italian, but could Vietnamese work? If you are more 22-centric, I've liked Brodard Chateau.

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          Been to the White House....very good food but this time it'll be too expensive for the amount of guys in our party. The other guy picked Spagatinis sp? in Seal bch. I'll find out on this Friday.

        2. Since the 91 and 22 don't cross, I'm assuming that you're talking about the area between them, which is approximately Orange (at the 55) west to the ocean.

          The nicest Italian in that area is probably the Anaheim White House, though I don't know about the $45 out-the-door -- perhaps with a catering menu. You didn't say how many people, either.

          What about the Catch, across from Angel Stadium? It's the sister restaurant to Taps in Brea... a nice seafood/Cal-cuisine type of place without being totally stuffy and mummified.