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trader joe's green tea yogurt- YUM! [moved from LA board]

oh my goodness, trader joe's recently came out with this new matcha green tea yogurt (part of a new european yogurt line). it is SOOO FREAKING DELICIOUS. a 5.3 oz cup has 110 calories, 2 grams of fat, and 15 grams of sugar. i just pounded 2 containers of the stuff. it's 99 cents, a bit pricey for such a small cup of yogurt, but it's still way cheaper than anything else that will fulfill your grean tea dessert craving.

they better not discontinue this product, that traitor joe.

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  1. Thanks, greengelato...I'm there!

    1. How you torture me, just when I decided to forsake sugared yogurts. But you did give me an idea- I am going to try mixing some matcha powder into my unsweetened Fage and see what transpires.

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          I just tried it. Dissolved some matcha into a tiny bit of hot water and mixed with Fage. Turned the Fage a lovely shade of green. Decided it needed a touch of sweetener and since I am avoiding the demon sugar, I added a bit of fake sweetener (I use Somersweet of Suzanne Sommers' fame). Pretty good. Not sure how it compares to the TJ green tea yogurt. On the plus side, I am sure I use higher quality matcha then they are putting in their product. On the minus side, few things taste better in dessert than real honest to goodness sugar. But I do think that Fage, plus matcha, plus fake sweetener is my new go to diet treat. It is about 2,000 times better than the laughable Pinkberry green tea yogurt.

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            I think I might try mine (but YOUR idea!) without liquifying the matcha. I like the "grit" that the matcha might offer against the smoothness of the yogurt.

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              Yeah, I don't add water to my Fage and matcha either. And I use honey or stevia, not an artificial sweetener.

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          Hey, Omotosando (my favorite place to shop!) remember that macha has tons o'caffeine. It would be a shame to eat yogurt and get a buzz from it :) Or maybe not...

        3. i second this, it is definitely excellent.

          1. Yeah, it's very light and refreshing, but still sort of creamy good. Not much sugar in it either, since milk contains from 10-15 grams of sugar per cup alone, unless they mean 15 grams of added sugar, not total. Still, it's about half the sugar of those syrupy-sweet yogurts. Have you tried the Mocha flavor from the same line? Very tasty indeed! Of course I would think so...

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              The same size of Fage unsweetened has 6 grams of sugar, so the TJ green tea has 13 grams of added sugar, for anyone who is counting.

              1. re: omotosando

                The amount of sugar in milk varies with the type of milk used. Skim's usually around 14 grams of sugar, 2%'s about 12 and whole has the least, around 11.

                So to nit-pick, if there's about 6 grams of milk sugar in the 5 oz. of milk, that should mean that they added 9 additional grams of sugar to make a total of 15. It's great you're experimenting with Fage to find something that works for you, but Fage is rich tasting and this TJ's green tea yogurt is the opposite, very light and clean tasting, refreshing green tea flavor. If you want to duplicate that, you might want to start with a low-fat yogurt.

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                  This evening I have tried it with Pavels 0 %, which is quite different than Fage, since it has a light fresh texture. It is my favorite of that style yogourt. Mixed in matcha, non-dissolved in hot water (next time I think I will dissolve for creamier texture), some SommerSweet and fruit. Divine. And again, eating green yogurt is so much fun - you feel like a kid eating green eggs. Even my dog who I gave a taste loved it, and he looked quite fetching with green yogurt on his snout.

            2. I miss TJ's green tea gelato. I could eat a pint in one sitting......I'll have to try the yogurt.

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                ME TOO!!!

                whole foods has green tea gelato but it's not the same. :(

              2. I went to TJ today on Sepulveda/Palms. I didnt see it.

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                  i went to that exact TJs yesterday and there were quite a few left. hmmm...

                  1. re: greengelato

                    Where was it located? what does it look like?

                    1. re: lisamp29

                      in the yogurt section. i put a picture on my blog:


                      though it's highly likely that they ran out today, perhaps chowhounders got to the remaining containers? :) my husband is at trader joe's right now and will pick me up some if they're available.

                      1. re: greengelato

                        I most likely just missed it. I will look again

                2. I just tried my first Trader Joe's container of green tea matcha. While the flavor is pleasant enough, I found it to be too bland for my taste buds. Perhaps I was expecting a very strong green tea flavor -- as in the green tea shots in the small can -- I just wanted more from this. I also didn't much care for the consistency; mine was dated well into August - so I know it was fresh - but it was slimy. It was also a little too sweet as an afternoon snack.

                  If you are serious about a very grassy green tea flavor, I highly suggest adding matcha powder to your favorite plain yogurt. If you prefer just the hint of green, then this yogurt might satisfy you.

                  Thanks for the find, however; without this post I never would have noticed it.

                  1. Thanks Greengelato! I can't wait to go there during lunch tomorrow to try it out.
                    Liu, where do you get your matcha from? do you order it online or is there a store I can pick it up from? THanks!

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                    1. re: itstangy

                      Hi, itstangy. From your "My Chow," it looks like you are not in the L.A. area; however, since this is the L.A. Board, I will post as though you are here.

                      With matcha, I would say buy the best you can find. The good matcha is not inexpensive, but it won't be as expensive as a high-grade gyokuro green tea. I think the better matcha has a much more lively and grassy flavor than the more bargain or less fresh matcha.

                      This said, you can find good matcha at the Asian markets; I particularly like the Maeda-en brand which you can find at Nijiya, Mitsuwa and Marukai. I would also highly recommend Green Tea Terrace in Westwood (1037 Westwood Blvd.). While you are there, do try their offerings! Otherwise, you can order online from Ito-en or Maeda-en, both specializing in green teas. Perhaps others on this site have more online sources.

                      The best matcha I have ever experienced happened one day by chance when we walked into Sabi at 1609B Montana Avenue- not too far from Montana Cafe. This is a Japanese wares store, but the owner asked if we wanted to try her matcha...WOW! I purchased some -- maybe a tablespoon or three for $$$$$ -- but it was like nothing I had ever tasted. Of course, she also knew how to make it! I think the store is still there, and perhaps they still sell their matcha.

                      So, if you think the price is high for the tiny amount in the little package, buy it! If you have never had really good matcha, you will be pleasantly surprised at how SWEET the good stuff is!

                      1. re: liu

                        Thanks, Liu. I will seek out the Maeda-en brand of matcha, and also perhaps make a pilgrimage to Montana Avenue.

                        In just a short time, I have become absolutely addicted to my own homemade matcha yogurt. As much as I love Fage yogurt in general, for this culinary experiment it is Pavel's all the way.

                        1. re: omotosando

                          Matcha-flavored kinako (soybean powder) is really good in yogurt and dissolves perfectly (if you don't like it to be grainy, it is also less bitter). I live in Tokyo so I'm not sure where you can get it in L.A. but I think a Japanese grocery store would have it. Plain kinako or goma-kinako (sesame) is really good stirred into yogurt too and kinako has all the health benefits of soy. You can also make your own matcha yogurt in a yogurt maker by adding the matcha when you heat the milk - I think it has the best flavor this way.

                          1. re: mishidy

                            Thanks, mishidy - that sounds amazing. A quick search of the web turned up plain kinako for sale (on Amazon), but no matcha-flavored kinako. I'll have to check one of the Japanese grocery stores. If not, I'm headed to Tokyo in September, and I know what my first purchase will be!

                          2. re: omotosando

                            Hi, omotosando!
                            Montana Avenue? But you're headed to Tokyo soon...put Matcha on your list!
                            Where do you buy your Pavel's?

                            1. re: liu

                              Buy Pavel's at Whole Foods. I think some supermarkets carry it also, just not the lousy supermarkets near me on the Westside.

                              1. re: omotosando

                                Thanks -- and I will buy some on my next trip there.

                          3. re: liu

                            Thanks Liu! There is a Mitsuwa market not too far from me. I'll look for it there. =)

                        2. I just tried the matcha green tea yogurt, and found it vile. Absolutely vile. I had to throw it out. And I really like matcha.

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                          1. re: E Eto

                            You tried Trader Joe's and found it vile, or you made your own and found it vile? If it is the former and not the latter, try making it yourself.

                            1. re: omotosando

                              I tried the Trader Joe's version. And I don't find it necessary to waste my matcha on yogurt.

                              1. re: E Eto

                                Don't want to waste your matcha on yogurt? -Either you are not a dessert person, or you are a dessert person who doesn't have to worry about high calorie bombs. As for me, who is both a dessert person and a person on a calorie-restricted diet, mixing high quality matcha with high-quality plain yogurt is not a waste, but rather a saving grace. Others may have their brownies, cakes, pies and what not, but I envy them not because I just had plain yogurt mixed with matcha and some papaya and berries and just a small touch of sweetner (Somersweet) and found my concoction to be a sublime treat for a warm summer night. Yes, dieting is fun!

                                1. re: omotosando

                                  Minus the sweetener...Amen!
                                  High quality matcha and good yogurt with papaya and berries...I wholly agree with you, omotosando!