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Jun 25, 2007 03:56 PM

Posole or Pozole?

I have seen both spellings, but I am not interested which is correct. I am interested where you can find delicious versions of this wonderfoul soup. I have only had Posole Jaliscience (Jalisco Style) at Gorditas Aguas Calientes in Houston. I believe there are two versions? White Posole or the above version. I could be wrong.

If you have knowledge of both versions please explain the difference. If you know where to find goos versions of either, please let us know.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. I've only had one white posole in Austin, and that was at Las Manitas. I usually order a small for breakfast. If you go, be sure that you ask for all the condiments....sometimes they forget and you wouldn't know to ask.

    1. They serve a green pozole at El Sol y La Luna on South Congress on the weekends, that is very good, although I still prefer the traditional red kind.

      1. Wanted to chime in for La Tapatia. Their pozole on Sunday morning really hits the spot. A deep red Jalisco-style bowl, full of hominy and large cubes of braised pork. Plenty of diced jalapenos and onions on the side. I'm not an expert on this dish by any means, but I thought it was very tasty with good heat.

          1. South Congress Cafe (owned by Trudy's) serves up a Wild Boar Pozole on occasion - deep red, very spicy, chunks of hominy, boar, etc. Great stuff - includes condiments on the side.

            (i'm not a Poz(s)ole expert, I have no idea if it's authentic or legit)
            More Pozole Facts to chew on: