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Jun 25, 2007 03:48 PM


I'll be in Coastal Georgia (Brunswick area) in the later part of the summer. Any recommendations for good, local, and reasonable eating establishments - In addition to fun bars and clubs that have a regional flavor. I'm willing to travel an hour in each direction. Thank you.

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  1. Cargo Portside Grill in downtown Brunswick is great. The Wee Pub in town is pretty cool, but you should come over to St. Simons for fun at night. If you come to the Beachcomber (great BBQ), I'll buy you a beer!

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      Willies Weenee Wagon for a pork chop sandwich, Twin Oaks for Battered fries & Cue, Nicks for Fried Chicken for lunch. Mudcat Charlies is best convenient seafood. B & Js in Darien has great cheap fried shrimp. If you are brave & feel like striking out to the woods Srilled chicken peeds is the best seafood. I can provide directions if you like. Delaney's & Christies are best for fine dining. Gnats is great casual fun place on St Simons. Brogens has great Burgers & the chicen Swiss is a great sandwich, grilled chicken with bacon swiss & gloppy bernaise. Moondoggies is best pizza Broomelli Boys is decent pie if yoou do not want to ride to St Simons. Bennies Red Barn is best steak.

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        I'll second the rec for Cargo. Take a peek at Christie's and Pearl. Pearl is quite pricey (maybe too much so for the food) but they are truly good restaurants in what is otherwise historically a sleepy town.

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          Pearl has good sushi, the kitchen is weak. Christies is the best of the 3.

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          Hello Dinner Belle,

          Thank you for the suggestions. Do you work at the Beachcomber?