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Jun 25, 2007 03:03 PM

Flank steak -- my favorite marinade

Does anyone remember when flank steak used to be a cheap cut of beef? Sadly the word got out and now it's not so cheap. I still love doing it for a group for a summer cookout and I find that the simplest marinade is the best. This is one my mom used when I was growing up and it stands the test of time. Seriously ... even suffering thru a small Weber snafu that annoyed me no end, every morsel of this steak was devoured by my guests. ** Note: Ithe meat will be very rare when you pull it off the grill, but the trick is to let it rest for a full 15 minutes before slicing into it. After sufficient resting time, it will be rare, but not bloody. Adjust times if you like yours more well-done.

Basic flank steak marinade:
1/2 cup each red wine, soy sauce and evoo, a clove or two of garlic crushed in. Combine in a shallow dish big enough to accomodate flank in one piece and marinate in the fridge for 3-4 hours, no longer than overnight. Grill over medium coals for 7 minutes first side and 5 the other. Let rest, covered in foil, for 15 minutes before slicing thinly against the grain.

I served this with an Asian-flavor inspired menu of baby bok choy with sesame oil, salad with ginger vinaigrette, and sauteed snap peas. Even the kids wanted this instead of hot dogs. :-)


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  1. Yes I do remember.. Those were the good old days eh? Thanks for posting your receipe sounds good and I look forward to trying it.

    1. I just purchased a nice piece of grain fed flank steak tonight and was thinking of a marinade. Want something mediterranean, so can I do the same without the soy?

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        I cook flank steak a lot, and if you're going for a Mediterranean flavor, substitute balsamic vinegar for soy sauce, but maybe only 1/3 cup. Then add cracked black pepper and a bay leaf, and maybe some dried oregano. If you're looking for more eastern Mediterranean, fresh lemon juice should be squeezed in.

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          jfood was thinking it needed some vinegar in the OP recipe as well and the balsamic sounds good. May think about some crumbled feta or gorganzolla on top when you slice it

      2. Sounds good-I use flank steak a lot for fajitas. I use crushed cumin, coriander, and maybe some chili powder as a rub, then a marinade of olive oil and lime juice-I do marinade it overnight, and then grill it just like yumyum. So good you don't even need any sauces, just grilled peppers and onions.

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          A Korean friend of mine recently gave me her "secret recipe" for bulgogi. We tried it, and it was great. The thing about the Korean-style prep of this meat is that you slice it before marinating it overnight, and then grill it until it is caramelized, so it will be more well-done than many western-style preparations. If you slice it thinly enough against the grain, it will be tender unless it's a bad cut. Serve it with kochujang, a fiery hot Korean chili paste, steamed rice, and kimchi if you're a fan. I've also heard of people subbing Vietnamese chili paste if that's all they could find. Use either of these with caution unless you're a chili-head.

          1.5 lbs. thinly sliced flank steak

          4 T. soy sauce
          4 T. chopped yellow onion
          4 T. freshly squeezed orange juice
          2 T. sugar
          2 T. minced garlic
          2 T. chopped green onion, white and green parts
          Black pepper and sesame oil (she didn't specify, but I used a few tablespoons)

          Mix all these ingredients together and marinate the sliced beef overnight. Grill the meat over lump charcoal until caramelized on both sides. Or you could use a smoking hot cast iron grill pan.