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Jun 25, 2007 02:49 PM

lots and lots and lots of eggs

My friend has a bunch of free range chickens-- which I am watching this week-- dont ask!!!! So-- what do I do with all the eggs? Preferably things that I can freeze...made 3 quiches already....
also would love good quiche recipes as mine are mediocre! My crusts are good, but fillings blah.

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  1. With locally grown, free range eggs, I would make mayonainse.

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      Scotch eggs
      lemon meringue pie.

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        For a mayonnaise recipe and info on eggs, see my second-to-last post. Also, tortilla espanol is a favorite thing to make with eggs. My general formula for quiche, to be poured over filling of choice (cheese, onions, ham, bacon, etc) in a blind-baked shell, is: 2 eggs, 3 egg yolks (freeze the whites for cakes or meringues), 1 cup heavy cream, salt, pepper, nutmeg. Dot with butter, bake 10 min at 400F, reduce to 300Fand bake 30 min more.

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          Oh I am so envious, lucky you! if I had them fresh like that I'd bake them, poach, and steam. Eggs benedict - so many great takes on this old classic all delicious
          There are a ton of good suggestions in here for you, and if I overlooked this suggestion, sorry to be repetitive. If I were to bake them, then I would go for these.
          Madellines would be my first choice.
          Custard pie, and Claffouti..

        2. lemon curd
          molten chocolate cakes

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            How about a 7 UP cake; it uses large 5 eggs.

          2. Chiffon or angelfood cake. Cook's Illustrated has a great angelfood recipe, and I like Rose Levy Beranbaum's chiffons. Also, trouchia or other frittatas are a great use. If you're feeding a family, you can easily use eight eggs in a ten inch skillet, makes a nice summertime dinner with some salad and sides. I like Deborah Madison's recipes for those. Quiche, I find, is better with whole milk and at least a little cream, seasoned with a heavy hand unless you're adding bacon or a really salty cheese. I like emmenthal or gruyere in quiche with any number of veggies--broccoli, chard, spinach, mushrooms (but cook out the water, really dry them out, if you do a mushroom quiche, oven roasting them first is good.) Use herbs liberally, too--helps a lot!

            Good luck, enjoy your fresh eggs!

            1. Wonderful, wonderful, rich ice cream!

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                That was my first thought - i just put a batch of cherry vanilla in the freezer!

                I also like souffle, using the leftover yolks for creme brulee later in the week. Deviled eggs are always popular.

                Here's a link: this Recipezaar member has a listing of recipes that use up to 14 eggs:

              2. Well you can freeze them, Just break, beat, and ziplock baggie. Be sure to note date and number of.

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                  i grew up on a farm, my grandmother would break eggs into an ice cube tray, freeze them,then put into bags