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lots and lots and lots of eggs

My friend has a bunch of free range chickens-- which I am watching this week-- dont ask!!!! So-- what do I do with all the eggs? Preferably things that I can freeze...made 3 quiches already....
also would love good quiche recipes as mine are mediocre! My crusts are good, but fillings blah.

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  1. With locally grown, free range eggs, I would make mayonainse.

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      Scotch eggs
      lemon meringue pie.

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        For a mayonnaise recipe and info on eggs, see my second-to-last post. Also, tortilla espanol is a favorite thing to make with eggs. My general formula for quiche, to be poured over filling of choice (cheese, onions, ham, bacon, etc) in a blind-baked shell, is: 2 eggs, 3 egg yolks (freeze the whites for cakes or meringues), 1 cup heavy cream, salt, pepper, nutmeg. Dot with butter, bake 10 min at 400F, reduce to 300Fand bake 30 min more.

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          Oh I am so envious, lucky you! if I had them fresh like that I'd bake them, poach, and steam. Eggs benedict - so many great takes on this old classic all delicious
          There are a ton of good suggestions in here for you, and if I overlooked this suggestion, sorry to be repetitive. If I were to bake them, then I would go for these.
          Madellines would be my first choice.
          Custard pie, and Claffouti..

        2. lemon curd
          molten chocolate cakes

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            How about a 7 UP cake; it uses large 5 eggs.

          2. Chiffon or angelfood cake. Cook's Illustrated has a great angelfood recipe, and I like Rose Levy Beranbaum's chiffons. Also, trouchia or other frittatas are a great use. If you're feeding a family, you can easily use eight eggs in a ten inch skillet, makes a nice summertime dinner with some salad and sides. I like Deborah Madison's recipes for those. Quiche, I find, is better with whole milk and at least a little cream, seasoned with a heavy hand unless you're adding bacon or a really salty cheese. I like emmenthal or gruyere in quiche with any number of veggies--broccoli, chard, spinach, mushrooms (but cook out the water, really dry them out, if you do a mushroom quiche, oven roasting them first is good.) Use herbs liberally, too--helps a lot!

            Good luck, enjoy your fresh eggs!

            1. Wonderful, wonderful, rich ice cream!

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                That was my first thought - i just put a batch of cherry vanilla in the freezer!

                I also like souffle, using the leftover yolks for creme brulee later in the week. Deviled eggs are always popular.

                Here's a link: this Recipezaar member has a listing of recipes that use up to 14 eggs: http://www.recipezaar.com/cookbooks.p...

              2. Well you can freeze them, Just break, beat, and ziplock baggie. Be sure to note date and number of.

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                  i grew up on a farm, my grandmother would break eggs into an ice cube tray, freeze them,then put into bags

                  1. You can't freeze it but it is my new favorite discovery - Zabaglione. Serve it over fresh berries. Yum!


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                      Deviled eggs are wonderful for summer.

                      Gourmet Egg Salad Sandwiches! (add some curry or dill or any number of exotic spices...experiment!)

                      Custard pies or flan!

                      Lemon Meringue Pie!

                    2. check out chef chicklet's quiche recipe on this thread; I made it a week or two ago and it was a huge hit


                      1. plain custard, always was in the fridge when i was a kid, plenty of cinnamon,and nutmeg in it,was best after a few days when it starts to separate...good stuff!