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Jun 25, 2007 02:43 PM

Can't miss places in Portland, Oregon

My wife and I are heading up to Portland from San Francisco next weekend. We will be in Portland for 3 nights and I am looking for any suggestions. Mainly, would love to hit any places that are distinctively Portland, standouts not to be missed. We generally are up for any type of cuisine. Would like a mix of perhaps one fancy spot and the rest can be mid to casual. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks! (oh, and all meal-types - dinner, brunch, great lunch spots as well)

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  1. You and your wife will enjoy Voodoo donut.

    For more advice, scroll the boards. Your question has been asked five times in the last month or so...

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      I'm checking in for Portland Oregon today too and sadly for me VooDoo is closed today. happy for them sad for me.

    2. Paley's Place is the best kitchen in Portland. Wildwood is just across the street and also good. I would say avoid Clark-Lewis as you can get mediocre food with attitude in SF, Voodoo Donuts has all the mystique of Krispy Kreme with names that are comical but still just F*in donuts. Park Kitchen is getting alot of attention lately and while I haven't eaten there, a good friend bartends there and swears by the CHef!!!For breakfast/brunch; Veritable Quandary, Bijoux, or Cadillac Grill. I can't stress enough how truly great Paley's Place is!!!

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        I don't know Big Cicada, I've had lousy service and mediocre food at Paley's but Carlyle never, ever lets me down. But I wholeheartedly agree with ya on Voodoo donuts.

        So my recs would be Carlyle (fancy dinner), Simpatica (esp. Sunday brunch, and yes, get there when they open at 9am), Le Pigeon, Toro Bravo, Pok Pok, Biwa and get to the Farmers' Market on Sat. morning by PSU.

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          No Portland restaurants is perfect. I've had mediocre dishes and poorly executed dishes at Carlyle as well, though I prefer its food to Paley's in general.


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            How's the Farmers Market that's on Wednesday (downtown I think) compared to the Saturday one? Is it worth going to if someone can't make the Saturday one?

            1. re: EmmaToo

              A lot smaller. But yes, I would go to another local farmers market or two or three if you can't make the PFM on Saturday:



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                Both Wednesday and Saturday Farmers market are on the Portland State Univ ersity Campus. The Saturday one, larger, in the middle of Campus--right close to where I work--the Wednesday one at the edge of campus bordering SW Salmon.
                Oh I just saw the link from extramsg and you should get all details from there.

                1. re: claire de lune

                  Thanks to you both! I won't be arriving in town until very late on a Saturday so I was really disappointed that I'd miss the big one, but at the same time very grateful there are others.

          2. Apizza Scholls is Portland..but get there right when they open (at 5:00) or you won't get in. Great pizza..very busy place. I love Simpatica. I've had brunch there and really loved it. Another busy place. Get there when it opens. Park Kitchen..I second that one.

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              I happen to be in Portland for a few days, and based on this, whimsy, and the fact that it was a perfect length walk from my hotel, I had lunch at Park Kitchen today.

              It was truly excellent.

              The cherry and faro soup was one of those dishses where the first taste just says wow. It's somewhat misamed, as its based on a lamb stock with some lamb in it, but the lamb, the tart cherries and the body given by the faro just all works really really well together.

              The mixed green salad was nothing extraordinary for those of us spoiled by super fresh produce well presented.

              The house-made hot dog was simply the best hot dog I've ever had. I apologize for not taking the time to deconstruct it, but I just wolfed it down. It's served on a buttered briochey bun, with house made ketchup and chips, of the sort one can recognize that they were once really potatoes.

              I had the lemon marscapone poundcake, which was good but felt ordinary after the high standards set by the rest of the meal.

              Thanks for triggering my whimsy.

              1. Just finished a trip to Portland from San Diego. Ate at Pok Pok which was really fabulous. The chicken wings in fish sauce (not sure what fancy name they have) were out of this world. Fun atmosphere too. Also ate at Paley's Place which was great as well. Had the duck with cherry sauce, not a dish to miss. Finally, ate at Wildwood which was not half as great as I remembered it being last year. The Halibut was very raw to the point of being inedible.