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Jun 25, 2007 02:35 PM

Looking for feedback on Naples Restaurant Simposium

I read about this place in WC cities, but I have had no luck in reaching them, or finding anyone that knows anything about it, including the concierge at the Hotel Vesuvio, or a top tour guide.
Can anyone help?
I want to know if it is a nice place, and worth visiting, and about the quality of the food.
Any help would be welcome.
Thanks. Susan

via Benedetto Croce 38
80100 Naples (NA)
tel: +(81)-551-8510.


In the courtyard of a Baroque palace is the headquarters of a winning young group dedicated to the city's historical cuisine.

On most weekends the group, founded by Giovanni Serritelli, a food historian, and Barbara Alfano, his wife, stages dinners themed to different eras in the city's history, with accompanying musical or theatrical performances. At one particular dinner, waiters were dressed as eighteenth-century courtiers and a better-than-competent troupe from the local conservatory performed excerpts from Don Giovanni.

During the day Simposium sells handmade honeys, jams, pasta, wine, and limoncello, the
region's lemon liqueur.

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  1. The citation seems to originate with the Atlantic Monthly, accessible only to subscribers, but the author of the article would be the best place to start. Otherwise, you can write to Giovanni Serritelli at He's not in the phone book (hardly anybody is listed in the phone book), nor is Barbara Alfano, but he does seem to be involved in the online mag The little I found Googling made him sound fairly serious.

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      Maureen, thank you so much for your assistance with this. I will let you know if I am successful in tracking down this signore, or his restaurant. I leave for Rome, Sicily, and Naples on October 11.

      1. re: mbfant

        my initial reaction from the description is that this doesnt sound like a restaurant - more like a dining club/slowfood/James Beard House type thing.

        Naples has wonderful food and this is a fascinating part of Naples, too - I hope you visit and eat in Spaccanapoli even if you dont find this place.

        1. re: jen kalb

          Mimi alla Ferrovia, I Masanielli, Valdinchena & La Cantina di Triunfo in the Chiaia neighborhood are worth visits.

      2. Hello Susan and all,

        I'm Barbara Alfano and I'm responding for Giovanni Seritelli as well. Don't ask me how I found your posting... sheer chance :-) Simposium closed down a few years ago. Giovanni is very grateful for your interest in his old activity and hopes he can someday go back to it. As for me, your postings were a pleasant surprise that made me plunge into lovely memories (I am now a faculty member in a US academia: very far from a Neapolitan kitchen). Thanks. Barbara