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Jun 25, 2007 01:31 PM

Wed nite in downtown Decatur, GA

Looking for dinner and breakfast recs for Wednesday night/ Thursday morning in downtown Decatur, Ga. I know that there are tons of restos there. Which ones should I try? Open to all cuisines and money is not too much of an issue.


augusta chow

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  1. watershed for lunch or dinner.

    1. Watershed is an excellent choice.
      For Breakfast i recommend Pastries a go go , they have about the bests biscuits you will find anywhere.
      i also like the Crescent Moon , they have a more eclectic organic menu.
      If you are in the mood for mexican, you can try Zocolo right in the square.

      also if you like good european beers, the absolute best beer bar in Atlanta is at the Brickstore Pub . they even have a Belgian Beer tasting room upstairs.

      1. I'll vote watershed for dinner and Crescent Moon for breakfast. Crescent Moon is the restaurant we probably miss the most from when we lived in Decatur. Their breakfasts were wonderful with some really creative and healthy options.

        1. All of these recommendations are good. Here's my .02: If the weather is nice and not too hot, Taqueria del Sol for Mexican food - it's interesting, inexpensive, and really good. Otherwise, Brick Store Pub for bar food and atmosphere. Crescent Moon is my fave for breakfast.