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roll with me here: best egg roll in austin?

Hi guys, new poster here. I'm a waiter that was told about chowhound by a few of my customers because of posts with my name in them... thank god you people like me. :-)

at any rate....

I'm from Temple. When I was growing up there was an authentic Chinese restaurant called The Golden Dragon. It was owned by a man named Joe Ha. The food was fantastic, no buffet, only family style entrees and sides. This was the best (chinese) food I have ever eaten, and I have yet to find a restaurant anywhere that even comes close to his quality. The building is still there, and occupied by a new family buffet called "Dynasty". It's mediocre at best.

Beyond the garlic chicken and the pepper steak he made the most incredible egg rolls you've ever eaten. First they were almost 3 inches in diameter, and about 8 inches long. He would cut them in halves and serve four to an order.

Ingredients: I remember cabbage, marinated pork, celery, sprouts.

I've tried Suzi's, Chinatown, some modest buffets, China hill, and a chinese food place on slaughter and brodie, in the heb shopping center there. And though they were close to what I remember, it still missed the mark by a stretch.

and get this...he didn't serve any sauce with those wonderful appetizers, only a pat of real butter. I'm salivating right now.

any help much appreciated.


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  1. Oh.....I SO miss Golden Dragon. I was small during its heyday but damn was that some fine cuisine.

    As for eggrolls, I'm not really sure where to point you though. In my experience too many places use frozen or pre made varieties.

    1. I would stop short of calling a buttered and fried eggroll "authentic Chinese," but if you're looking for this type of appetizer you should try Egg Roll Express way up north.

      1. The best egg rolls I've had are always at the Pho places. It's served crispy with a lettuce and fish sauce. Try the pho place next to Hollywood video on William Cannon and Mo pac... or the one next to DinHo on 183.

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          Ming's on Guadalupe has very good egg rolls. Made from scratch.

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            I second that. I CRAVE the eggrolls at Ming's.

        2. Kim Phung on N.Lamar has big,ultra meaty[more meat than vegetable]deep-fried egg rolls that are my favorites out of the local restaurants.Greasy and bordering on soul food for depth of flavor.

          1. I really think the egg rolls at Tan Tan (or Tan My now) are excellent. Small, crispy, light wrappers, with a nice filling and good proportions of meat and vegetables. I usually get them in the Pork & Egg Roll Vermicelli bowl and pour the fish sauce over everything.

            They also sell them as an appetizer, but I forget what type of sauce they are served with.

            Happy Hunting!

            1. Hey . Bad News. When I was seven 51years ago in Queens NY my brothers would take their nickel allowance and buy a candy bar. I'd go next door to the Chinese carryout and buy an eggroll. Stuffed with BBQ pork, Shrimp, cabbage, celery, anId sprouts. Dipped it in Duck sauce (later would mix the duck sauce with hot mustard). Heaven. For a quarter they had lobster eggrolls with large chunks of lobster. People I tell this think I'm lying or hallucinating. In my first 15 years in Austin I'd try an eggroll in every new restaurant I saw, more than once risking my life with 90 degree turns while going 50 mph when I spotted a new Chinese eatery across the busy road.. Results- absolute disappointment. My friend and I used to joke that Chinese restaurant owners got together in a secret meeting yearly and took a death pledge to make horrid eggrolls as a unifying force. I gave up in Austin. Just this past weekend I was at Yaos in Houston - supposed to be the best in Houston. I was dubious as they were chicken eggrolls, but had to try it. It was five bucks for one eggroll, but I'd pay 100. It came. It was huge. Golden brown. Cut into four pieces stuffed with veggies and chicken. My heart was starting to beat and sweat was pouring down my brow .Alas, the first bite brought me crashing down to earth. The unique magic flavor of 1957 was not there. There was no second bite. Even the other responses to your inquiry show that you are talking a language no one understands. Kim Phungs Mystery Meat eggrolls wrapped in lettuce dipped in sweet sauce are tasty, but don't deserve to be called eggrolls. . Being healthy, wealthy , and wise are what you'll have to settle for. Even when I go back to NY its an ordeal finding the real deal eggroll. Good luck.

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                For vegetarians: the vegetarian imperial rolls at Sunflower are very nice. Get an order of spring rolls, tofu salad, and pan fried egg noodles, and you should be very full and happy. Serves two, costs under $20.

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                  i gota agree, the vegetarian imperial rolls at Sunflower are the best in town. Well, it's the same at Le Soleil of course... but i hear the original carnivore version is great too.

              2. Awesome! I googled "temple texas garlic chicken golden dragon" just to see if anything came up. My husband lived in Temple around 1970, and has obsessive memories of the garlic chicken at Golden Dragon. Evidently, it was incomparable ... I can almost hear the pity in his voice at the fact that I never got a chance to eat at the Golden Dragon. If anybody on this board who remembers their garlic chicken could endorse ANY other Chinese restaurant as an adequate substitute, we would be buying airline tickets right now.

                1. I am almost embarrassed to say that I was addicted to the eggrolls from the food cart that used to stand in front of Littlefield Fountain on campus. Of couse it was probably because of the toxic amounts of MSG, but I do remember the eggrolls being homemade. I have never tasted a prepackaged frozen eggroll that tasted the way that one did. I think they were 50 cents each for a 1 and 1/2 by 4 and 1/2 eggroll. I used to get that with their cherry limeaid which I suspect must have also had MSG because it was also so good. I have no idea if the cart is still there, as I haven't been around there in several years. These days, I like the beef eggroll from Thai Kitchen. It's almost all meat and had a unique depth of flavor that I have love. Especially with their hot mustard. yum.

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                    Just FYI: that cart is still there and in front of the co-op on the Drag! I haven't eaten there in over 10 years, tho, but I can say that the menu hasn't changed.

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                      The cart is still there, but the recipe is different. The original owners (Long Beach Eggrolls) went out of business because of being involved in a burglary theft ring and accepting stolen items.

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                        Thanks for that info regarding Long Beach Eggrolls, I was about to head there for an eggroll lunch tomorrow!

                        I like the eggrolls at Ming's the best.

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                          They called it a "fencing" ring. Two years later all the charges were dropped except for one piddly little possession of stolen goods charge - for the items used in the sting operation itself. Our tax dollars at work, busting little old ladies who make egg rolls.

                          And the best egg rolls in town never reappeared.

                          They were exactly like the ones made in San Jose by King Egg Roll - who supplied half the city's egg rolls.


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                            I had always kinda wondered how that turned out; I loved their cheesy-turkey-pocket...thing, which I occasionally indulged in when I was an undergrad waaay back when.

                            And now you know...the Rest Of The Story.

                            Good Day!

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                              So it's ok for someone to steal from us as long as they are old and make egg rolls?

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                                Uh, who said they stole anything from anybody?!?! <boggle> I hope your food interpretations are better than your legal interpretations. Stick to egg rolls.


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                                OMG I loved King Egg Roll they were amazing straight from the source

                        2. I MISS THE DRAGON! I grew eating at the Golden Dragon in Temple from the day it opened. Originally, it was in a smaller building on Adams. It eventually moved to the large property they built. I have searched FAR AND WIDE for those egg rolls. My sister called and got the recipe from the Ha's years ago. It's just not the same though. After we tried the recipe, my sister called Mrs. Ha and said it didn't taste quite the same. Mrs. Ha said it was the temperature of the grease at home compared to commercial. I did find a similar egg roll in Dallas on Garland Road. It has the same flavor. It's over an hour from my house so I never go there anymore.

                          1. I have to agree with some others on this thread that Ming's, while not the best I've EVER had, offer up the most solid egg roll I've had in this town. These aren't the thin skinned spring roll variety - Ming uses the thicker wrappers that are larger and come out of the fryer well dimpled and golden. I wonder if you've had them Gene Foofung?

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                              A REAL vintage eggroll has barbecued pork and shrimp . Chicken not part of the equation.Mings is respectable but doesn't satisfy my long dormant cravings.

                            2. The last Chinese place you tried is called China Dynasty. It's at Slaughter and Manchaca. It's been there for at least 15 years. Besides Tres Amigos, it's the closest sit-down restaurant to my house. Not exactly my kind of of Chinese (Americanized) so I haven't been there in 8-10 years.

                              China Dynasty
                              2110 W Slaughter Ln Ste 101, Austin, TX 78748