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Jun 25, 2007 01:26 PM

roll with me here: best egg roll in austin?

Hi guys, new poster here. I'm a waiter that was told about chowhound by a few of my customers because of posts with my name in them... thank god you people like me. :-)

at any rate....

I'm from Temple. When I was growing up there was an authentic Chinese restaurant called The Golden Dragon. It was owned by a man named Joe Ha. The food was fantastic, no buffet, only family style entrees and sides. This was the best (chinese) food I have ever eaten, and I have yet to find a restaurant anywhere that even comes close to his quality. The building is still there, and occupied by a new family buffet called "Dynasty". It's mediocre at best.

Beyond the garlic chicken and the pepper steak he made the most incredible egg rolls you've ever eaten. First they were almost 3 inches in diameter, and about 8 inches long. He would cut them in halves and serve four to an order.

Ingredients: I remember cabbage, marinated pork, celery, sprouts.

I've tried Suzi's, Chinatown, some modest buffets, China hill, and a chinese food place on slaughter and brodie, in the heb shopping center there. And though they were close to what I remember, it still missed the mark by a stretch.

and get this...he didn't serve any sauce with those wonderful appetizers, only a pat of real butter. I'm salivating right now.

any help much appreciated.


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  1. Oh.....I SO miss Golden Dragon. I was small during its heyday but damn was that some fine cuisine.

    As for eggrolls, I'm not really sure where to point you though. In my experience too many places use frozen or pre made varieties.

    1. I would stop short of calling a buttered and fried eggroll "authentic Chinese," but if you're looking for this type of appetizer you should try Egg Roll Express way up north.

      1. The best egg rolls I've had are always at the Pho places. It's served crispy with a lettuce and fish sauce. Try the pho place next to Hollywood video on William Cannon and Mo pac... or the one next to DinHo on 183.

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          Ming's on Guadalupe has very good egg rolls. Made from scratch.

          1. re: Torckus

            I second that. I CRAVE the eggrolls at Ming's.

        2. Kim Phung on N.Lamar has big,ultra meaty[more meat than vegetable]deep-fried egg rolls that are my favorites out of the local restaurants.Greasy and bordering on soul food for depth of flavor.

          1. I really think the egg rolls at Tan Tan (or Tan My now) are excellent. Small, crispy, light wrappers, with a nice filling and good proportions of meat and vegetables. I usually get them in the Pork & Egg Roll Vermicelli bowl and pour the fish sauce over everything.

            They also sell them as an appetizer, but I forget what type of sauce they are served with.

            Happy Hunting!