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Jun 25, 2007 01:25 PM

Need a Yamashiro update please

Hi 'hounds. Well, my sister is flying in from Vermont tonight. Her son lives in Culver City and she wants to take all of us to Yamashiro. I just did a search on this restaurant on this blog and folks, it doesn't look good. But her son had a good meal there, but what does he know, he's 23! So I look to my friends here on this blog. What do I do friends, what do I do? Should I talk them out of this historic place or say the heck with it and go.

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  1. Go there and have a drink in the Bar and maybe an appetizer or two... besides that the food is not up to par at all. However, the bar offers great views and the appetizers are good

    1. We ate here about a year ago, as far as I know it's the same management. Many of those reports you read are likely from years ago. It's pricey because you are paying for the view and atmosphere, and it's true that you could eat at a higher quality restaurant for those prices. But the food is perfectly fine pan-Asian fare, in fact we had a few things that were quite nice -- lamb chops, some grilled fish, purple rice, apple coleslaw, I think. The goofy sushi rolls were fun too, we had the all-black Darth Vader roll. It's no Chinois, but all the pan-Asian places taste exactly the same to me and Yamashiro is no worse than any other. For visitors to L.A., I think it's a must-see.

      1. i was there this last friday for dessert. it's nice b/c you get the view without having to pay high prices for a mediocre dinner. their desserts are ok...all $10. definitely best view in LA, however.

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        1. Whatever you thought of it however many years ago, it's still the same.

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            But have you actually eaten a full meal there lately? I have no desire to defend a mediocre restaurant, but I really didn't see any problem with what I ate there -- it was on a par with Asia Los Feliz, Tiger Lily, Celadon and every other place I've eaten lately with a similar menu. Of course, they don't want to scare the tourists, so there's nothing earth-shattering, but I wouldn't call it dangerous or anything.

            1. re: Chowpatty

              Yes, I have (~2 months ago).

              Don't misunderstand. My post was not a slam on Yamashiro. Just saying that the place hasn't really changed -- it's not better, nor is it any worse.

              It is what it is.

          2. We ate their in April - at the request of the "Birthday Boy." I wish I could remember what we all warn you away.

            I would suggest, if possible, to go there for a drink and somewhere else for dinner.