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Jun 25, 2007 01:06 PM

Good eats in York and Kearney, NE?

Every summer, I meet my in-laws in either York or Kearney to do the kid exchange so my children can be spoiled by their grandparents and run free until it's time for school to start. Each time we meet, I wonder if there is somewhere else to eat besides the Applebees, fast food chains, etc. I've been to Chances R and liked it but would like other options. My kids are a well-behaved nearly third grader and a teenager so the place does not have to cater to children. They have a wide range of tastes (my younger child called home to express his homesickness for his favorite sushi restaurant last night) so we are not limited to hamburgers and pizza. Any suggestions or don't-pass-this-up places we should try?

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  1. On June 6th, we were in Kearney for the first time. We had found no recommendations on any of the message boards so we started driving around. I was about to give up, and my wife had, when we spied Alley Rose, 2013 Central Ave., Kearney. It is a find. I had a pork tenderloin with black cherry reduction for $16.99 and my wife had the catch of the day for $18.99 and both were excellent. They are one of five restaurants in Nebraska, and the only one out of Omaha, to be recognized by a wine publication (Wine Spectator, I think - we are not wine drinkers) for their superb wine selection. I suspect that Alley Rose will be more impressive than anything else in Kearney or York.

    Our second evening meal in Nebraska was in Red Cloud. While it was a very enjoyable meal - it didn't come close to what we found in Kearney.

    1. In Kearney we like Grandpa's Steakhouse and Thunderhead Brewing. Grandpa's might be better for family. Good steaks, fair prices. It's nothing fancy, but better than anything else we've tried outside of Omaha. We've been driving I-80 once or twice a year for 8 years now. Alley Rose got by us so we haven't tried it.

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        Thanks Milt and Stan. Allie Rose sounds like a winner and so does Grandpa's. I may check out Thunderhead Brewing without the kids, if I get a chance! It looks like we will be in Kearney although if I can't find a hotel, we'll stay in York.