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Jun 25, 2007 01:02 PM

Kosher "Sub on Wheels" NYC

Any kosher hounds have feedback on the food from this truck parked lately on 47th Street between 5th / 6th in NYC?

Looks like an outfit from Monsey with hasgocha from Rabbi Babad I believe. Didn't check prices, but with no rent overhead, should be reasonable!!

Standard deli, burger and wings fare from what I could see.....wonder if they will be moving around to different locations.

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    1. At one time there was a Moshe's that parked around there. I think that they moved to a small space at the outside below ground area of the Citicorp Center

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        I went to a Wagon today on 33rd & 9th with that name It must be the same place. It is across and down the block from B & H. They have all kinds of subs, french fries, burgers, etc. Its the only kosher place I have ever seen that makes Philly sandwiches. I had a burger there- it was pretty good. Next time I will try something bigger, like a sub.

        1. re: flo220

          What do you mean by Philly sandwiches? I would have assumed that means cheese steak, but clearly that's not possibly kosher.

          1. re: avitrek

            It was a Philly steak (sorry, wrote sandwich in error) with everything except the cheese. I know this because someone ahead of me in line ordered one with cheese and everything else- the person serving him told him here everything doesn't include cheese.

            1. re: flo220

              I had the Philly sub today awesome $8 with a doller off before 12.30. i have paid twice as much for sandwiches not half as good and it was big

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                Still not sure what makes them unique. Almost any kosher restaurant I've been to that has a steak sandwich calls it a "Philly steak sandwich". What type of meat do they use? A true Philly steak should be thin slices of ribeye that are then fried.

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                  as a typical frum male pig I will tell you what makes it unique: its big, its cheap and it comes from a truck. I am from Philly and I am sure Its not as good as Pats but its as good as any of the kosher places and did I mention its big and cheap?

                  1. re: mrmoose

                    How was the bread? The bread is an intrigal part of the sandwhich!

                    1. re: Prettypoodle

                      The bread was excellent. It was a bug sub roll like you get at Subway's, slightly toasted. They are only open Monday to Thursday. The location is strange though, on 33rd & 9th. I guess they are focusing on the people who work at B & H Camera, which is across the street. It seems one block over on 33rd & 8th or 7th near Penn Station would be better. Maybe they couldn't get the spot or something.

            2. re: flo220

              Are they there on Fridays? I went over around 1 ish today and didnt see the truck anywhere :( and i was looking forward to that steak sandwich!

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. I had heard about a Kosher sandwich truck in midtown and was excited by the prospect of Chickies like sandwiches in my neighborhood. So I walked over to 9th Avenue where the Sub on Wheels truck is parked between 32nd and 33rd. There it was, an actual food truck, with a Glatt Kosher Certification from a Rabbi in Monsey who my friend Ariela says is legit. Their menu consists of all different kinds of sandwiches, including Philly steak, deli, and chicken as well as salads, hot dogs, and soups. They were advertising their daily special which was soup and half a schnitzel sandwich for $5.00. FIVE DOLLARS! I couldn’t pass that up so I ordered it with Zucchini soup. I walked over to the Post Office on 8th and sat on the steps to eat (very Gossip Girl, I know). The soup was thick and creamy with chunks of zucchini in it. It was very good. The sandwich itself was a little disappointing – I guess I was expecting some kind of sauce, but it was just a piece of schnitzel on a club roll, with some veges. I am eager to go back and try some of the other options.

              They are open Mon - Thurs from 11:30 - 4. See more at

              1. By the way, they are closed for now. The owner went to Uman to serve food there for the Yom Tov / yahrtzeit.

                Does anyone have the URL for him? I understand that he has a website.

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