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Jun 25, 2007 12:57 PM

Good Seafood.

A big anniversary/birthday is coming up. We were thinking of seafood. Any suggestions for a place between White Plains and Stamford. (or in the local area)?


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  1. Morgans is Rye.My mom a few weeks ago and she said it was fantastic. You could also try FISH in port chester

    1. I will second Morgan's. If you are a group, call ahead and ask for one of the wine rooms in the back. Great for a celebration.

      1. Morgans Fish House definitely!
        Also, today, i had lunch at Elm Street Oyster House in Greenwich and i loved it. I had the house salad (grilled pear, craisins, pine nuts, and Goat Cheese w/ a refreshing fruity dressing) and the Seafood Paella. The paella was really delicious... the only thing is, all the seafood is like still in the shell so it was a hassle to eat it. Especially the lobster. My poor mom was like covered in paella sauce trying to get the lobster meat out of the claw hahahha.... If you're willing to "WORK FOR YOUR FOOOD" (hehehe), then you'll definitely like it!
        Another great seafood place is Eastchester Fish Gourmet. I know other posters have said that they don't really like it, but i personally think that the food is always delicious and beautifully prepared!

        1. There was an article in this past Friday's "the line" section of the Journal News about Morgans. I was there for the cocktail party and the passed apps were fantastic.
          Elm St. is owned by the same restaurant management group as noted in the article. Consistently good establishments.
          As soon as I can afford it, I will be @ Morgans to enjoy a great dinner too!
          Let us know where you end up going.

          1. if you continue into greenwich there is the Elm Street Oyster House. Unfortunately no reso's accepted.

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              I had dinner at Elm Street (which was wonderful) in February and I'm positive we had a reservation for a Saturday night.