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Jun 25, 2007 12:46 PM

Good east coast pizza anywhere on the east side of los angeles?

I haven't had a great slice of pizza in los angeles in awhile. Im from philadelphia and miss the pizza there sooooo much......any good suggestions?

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  1. Tony's Pizza in San Marino comes closest to NY pizza around, including Vito's, imho.

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    1. re: cfylong

      Tony's is great. No nonsense pizza, with a crust that is chewy and a bit charred on the bottom Good stuff.

      Tony's Pizza
      2555 Huntington Dr, San Marino, CA 91108

      1. re: eberhard49

        i think nonna's is better, which is a block south of mamma's on fair oaks

        1. re: eberhard49

          Seriously, the sauce and the crust at mamma's went downhill since they bought out the cook. Nonna's is the way. (veteran brooklyn and bronx pizza eater)

          1. re: duniabest

            Just curious, did you try their garlic knots-Nonna's of course. Mamma's is dead to me now.

            I'm not a veteran brooklyn pizza eater but I lived for a year and my roomates LOVED Grimaldi's. I personally miss the garlic knots from the mom and pop pizza joints in Brooklyn (Cosi was my favorite) and Nonna's is the closest thing I've had.

        2. Nicky D's on Rowena in Silverlake.

          Maybe Hard Times on Hyperion, also in Silverlake.

          Damiano's on Fairfax, across from Canter's.

          Albano's Brooklyn (basil+tomato is the only one I can vouch for) on Melrose.

          1. I'm from Philly (NE) you can get good pizza here, hell, you can get great pizza here. What you can't replicate is Pizza from the east coast. Maybe it is partially the water, it is different (minerals, etc.) the flour is coming from different Mills (even if it is the same company) the humidity is a lot different it does affect absorption, proofing, etc. the cheese is coming from those contented California cows,(not those Hoboken hefers) herbs and spices from uniquely different soil, and the weather's much better out here (affects your mood for the better). I made pizza there and used the same recipe here and it just tastes somewhat different. Enjoy the difference, uniqueness and great quality of California Pizza.

            And, as Monty Python puts it, now for something completely different try Mozzas, it won't taste like anything you've ever had

            1. True Chicago Style deep dish at Masa in Echo Park (on Sunset.) Takes about 45 min. but worth it.