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Jun 25, 2007 12:46 PM

Good east coast pizza anywhere on the east side of los angeles?


I haven't had a great slice of pizza in los angeles in awhile. Im from philadelphia and miss the pizza there sooooo much......any good suggestions?

  1. mamma's pizza on Fair Oaks in South Pasadena...

    best pizza I have had in LA

    1. Born and bred on the East Coast. I can tell you that none of the pizza I've had in LA is the same. That being said, both Il Capriccio Pizzeria on Hollywood Blvd in Los Feliz and Nicky D's on Rowena in Silverlake make good 'za.

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        Have you tried Vito's yet? Not on the Eastside but it's the only serious contender.

      2. True Chicago Deep Dish at Masa on Sunset in Echo Park. Takes 45 min. so order ahead. worth it!

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