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Jun 25, 2007 12:45 PM

Regional, UWS on 99th St.

Anyone been to Regional recently? I think it is on 99th St. and Broadway. I saw mixed things on the Boards when it opened, but nothing recent shows up. Thinking about going tonight with friends who live in the neighborhood.

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    1. re: rareoccasions

      Dinner at Regional was OK. The place has a nice open feeling. It was pretty empty when we got there at 7pm, but filled up by the time we left at 9pm. Everyone liked their food, but something seemed off. I ordered the linguine with linguine with clams & pesto but was served the lamb ragu (lamb and clams sound the same I guess) and it took a while to fix the problem. The coffee was vile and had to be returned twice before we gave up. My wife's bucaini tasted fine, but nothing special. I liked my grilled sausage appetizer. But by the time the bill came ($50 a person including tax/tip) we decided that there were more compelling options in the area and didn't see ourselves returning so fast. Gennaro's or Lisca would be ahead of Regional on my list.

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      1. I went there last Friday for dinner on the recommendation of a friend who lives in the neighborhood and had a wonderful meal and a great time! I found the service to be very attentive and the food delicious. I would recommend starting with the cheese plate which my companions and I loved. I then had the beet ravioli and finished with the chocolate cake. They also have a varied wine selection, which our waiter was very knowledgable about. All was excellent and I am definitely going to return to Regional and try other things on the menu.

        1. Major props on the veal ragu (believe pasta served with it is garganelli). all pretty reasonably priced pastas $12-14 or so. they usually have a special wine by-the-glass pour as well...usually a step above what's being poured by the glass on the regular list. Worth asking...

          Do report back!