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Jun 25, 2007 12:38 PM


Ok so I have a best friend from Memphis, and a boyfriend from Georgia. They crave BBQ from time to time. Now up front they know in their hearts of hearts they won't find anything as good as they have at home, but does anyone know of some good bbq places close to DC or NOVA? Red, Hot and Blue won't cut it, neither will Famous Daves or anything like that. Any suggestions?

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  1. If you find any, please let me know!

    1. Dixie Bones in Woodbridge. Check out the website and see if it might suit them.

      1. If you are looking for a chopped pork sandwich then go to Breadline on Fridays. They are open until 3pm I think. Order the bbq sandwich on a ciabatta. This is as good as it gets.

        1. I know it is in Maryland, but work with me.

          I was just at Urban BBQ in Rockville. It's pretty darn good.

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            I forgot to mention that I really like Urban BBQ's cole slaw. While not shredded, definitely not pureed either. Closed to shredded, but smaller bits. And there's clearly mustard in the base. Not 'wet' at all. Good stuff.


          2. Willard's in Chantilly near the Expo Center. Try the brisket or the KC burnt ends. Desserts are very good too.

            For a slightly longer drive but something unique, head to the Mighty Midget in Leesburg. Ribs and pulled pork are the specialties (ribs Friday and Saturday only, until they run out). You can call ahead and reserve a slab, I think.

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              I'll second Willards. My dad drives over once a week from Springfield for their BBQ. In addition to their pulled pork, their Cuban sandwich is also pretty good. As is their sweet-tea.

              If you go during lunch, arrive early (or late) to get a table. Anytime between 1145 and 1 and you'll have to wait.

              1. re: SamFelis

                Your mention of the Cuban sandwich raises a good point. Willard's actually has a very large menu for a (good) barbecue joint and should always have something to please someone not interested in barbecue. For example, I tried a bowl of their gumbo and it was quite good -- rich and loaded with sausage and other stuff.

              2. re: Bob W

                Ok tried Might Midgets: Def more memphis/KC BBQ, but it was good. Pulled pork sandwhich has really juicy tender meat. Coleslaw not overly mayonnaisey and fries crispy. The BF said def not Georgia or NC style which he prefers but was quite happy to get some tender juicy pork. Plus the ambiance of the place is awesome. Thanks for the rec. I will be trying out other recs from this thread so if you have any new suggestions let me know. We didn't get any ribs which must be good since you can reserve them in advance and they run out. Will have to try that the mention of dry rub, cherry wood enticed me to go back another time.

                1. re: ktmoomau

                  Since the friend who likes Memphis style is gone, take the boy friend to Dixie Bones. That's about the only place in the area that tries to do Southern style. BBQ.