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Vegetarian Must Haves in La

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Ok, so we have lists of burgers,pies, hot dogs and such

What are the vegetarian MUST HAVE dishes in LA?

I'll start:

Rahel Veggie's Hudade Combo or Special Combo
Follow Your Heart's Pizza night pizza.

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  1. Happy Family - Deep-fried Chicken w/sesame, Green beans, Fried buns
    Nobu - White Chocolate Spring Roll
    Original Pancake House - 49'er Flap Jacks
    Paru's - Nut Cake
    Sunnin - Hummous, Fried Cauliflower
    Tutti Gelati - Cinnamon, Peanut Butter gelato

    1. oooh, I fogot
      All You Can Eat Dosa Night, Woodlands Artesia or Chatsworth!
      Pappa Christo's Grilled Eggplant and thier Hummous

      1. The mole cheese enchiladas & the potato taquitos at Loteria in the Farmers Market.

        1. Sabor A Mexico's Veggie Burrito!

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            Diana -- There is a really great Vegan restaurant on National called The Vegan Joint.

            I need to write a full review -- I don't have time right now -- but it's a must try for vegans and vegetarians.

            My wife -- who is not a vegetarian -- eats there three times a week.

            1. re: Diana

              I tried this the other day and thought it was only "Okay." I enjoyed it, but wasn't really overwhelmed. It was good.

              The tacos at Sabor, so far, have blown me away. The veggie burrito was good, but not necessarily better than I've had elsewhere. I ended up dousing it with a lot of hot sauce.

              (For what it's worth -- one of my best friends was raised in Mexico and we took him and his wife to SaM. They were blown away by the tacos, the quesadillas (the deep fried kind) and the rest of the food. "Best they've ever had," they say, "and they've been back a few times with their families.)

              1. re: PaulF

                When I had it, I asked them to leave out the lettuce and add extra beans. It was wonderous. I used some of the nice salsas from teh bar, and a few were really good and spicy.

                1. re: Diana

                  I liked it.

                  I just wouldn't consider it a "must have."

            2. The eggplant barhta at Makkal Halal

              1. Well, my wife is a vegetarian of nearly thirty years, and I'm on a heart healthy diet... so here are a few of our favorites:

                Fritto Misto's Pumpkin Ravioli
                Jinky's S.O.B. Breakfast (don't ask, just try it)
                Krua Thai's noodles (they'll make anything on the menu vegetarian if possible)
                Vito's Mediterranean Pie
                Monte Alban's Quesillo Clayuda and Mole Negro Tamale
                Nate 'n' Als' Lima Bean Soup
                Native Foods... everything
                Damon and Pythias's California Garden Sandwich and Portabella Caprese Sandwich
                Mozza's White Bean Bruscetta
                El Papillon's... everything
                Lucky Baldwin's Alan's Chip Medley (better than their Fish and Chips)
                Gallegos’ Pumpkin Tamales
                Rajdhani for the whole experience
                Sunnin's Cauliflower
                Chichen Itza's Brazo de Riena and Papadzul
                Nook's Chickpea Stew
                Sharazad's various Stews and Shirin Polo
                Jeon Ju's Dol Sot Bibimbap without meat
                Zelo's Barbeque Corn Pizza
                Wahoo's Spicy Mushroom Tacos and Onion Rings
                Samosa House's... everything
                The Counter's house made Veggie burger (better than their beef or turkey)
                Acadie's Cabrit Krampouz
                El Tepeyac's Vegetarian Burrito
                Rahel's... everything
                Simpang Asia's Tofu Balado and Sayur Bungkus
                Chandni's Buffet
                Bella Pita's Falafel (the best I've had in California)
                CPK's (believe it or not) Grilled Vegetarian Focacia sandwich and Pea Soup
                Pinkberry's... well they only really do one thing
                Curry Bowl's Egg String Hopper
                Jay Bahrat's... everything
                Bay Cities Vegetarian, Cheese or Caprese sandwiches with the works
                Golden Triangle's Laped Thoke and Vegetarian Pratha Sandwich
                Bulgarini Gelato's... anything... especially pistachio
                Woodlands' Upuma Dosas
                Attari's Kuku Sandwich and Ash Joe
                Casa Bianca's Eggplant pizza
                Banana Leaf's Nasi Goreng with Tofu
                Au Lac's Veggie Spring Rolls and "Pho"
                Mama's Hot Tamales especially the sweet corn tamales
                Bulan (ne' Busaba) Thai... everything (especially the pumpkin)
                Scoops... nearly anything (with obvious exceptions for bacon, and Foie Gras)
                La Super Rica's Taco Rajas

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                  Aha! La Super Rica is in SB. Good though!

                  That's a great list!

                  1. re: Diana

                    True, I got carried away and threw in one or two Orange County and Santa Barbara locations. Of course, strictly speaking, Santa Monica, Beverley Hills, West Hollywood, and so forth shouldn't count as L.A. either. This was more a list of favorite Vegetarian friendly places that I go regularly... I'm pleased to hear you like it, though.

                2. The Ivy - Grilled Vegetable Salad
                  Spago - Giant Farmers Cheese Ravioli appetizer - AMAZING!
                  Nook - the warm peanuts you get as a starter instead of bread - original and yummy

                  1. i'm a big fan of the vegetarian udon with mushrooms from kansai in pasadena. be very explicit about not wanting a fishcake in the soup. you can request mushroom-based broth. yum!

                    native foods has already been mentioned, but i must mention their chicken run ranch burger specifically. it's really good, as is the soy amigo. i love that salad.

                    min's kitchen in la canada has yummy hosue spicy noodles, though i know lots of chowhounders don't like min's and say it's not authentic. i say, so what? i loves me those house spicy noodles!

                    jay bharat has some a good roti shak (sp?) special. it's in artesia. they make thse soft little roti that are so tasty.

                    yujean kang's (pasadena) make a really good braised tofu sheets with mushrooms dish.

                    van hanh in westminster is all veggie and is amazing. i don't remember what i ate. i couldn't communicate with the staff very well and just pointed at stuff. everything was good.

                    the vegan duck at inn of the seventh ray!!! delicious. everything else there sucked, though.

                    la cachette often has good vegan and vegetarian dishes on their menu. i once had some great mushroom or truffle ravioli. i can't remember now. they haven't had them in a while, sadly.

                    fatty's in eagle rock occasionally has "party in a pretzel" as a special. it used to be a regular item on the menu. it's good!

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                    1. re: arifa

                      My recommendation for Native foods (though the extras will drive up the price a little):

                      Bali Surf Burger, blackened, with caramelized onions and Native cheese, sub fries for slaw.

                      I'm a little sick of this now (I live and work near Native, so I'm pretty much sick of everything on their menu), but I still have to order it every couple of months.

                      The duck @ Inn of the Seventh Ray was really good the first time I had it. The second wasn't quite as good, but still pretty good. My dad, a big meat eater and not at all a fan of mock-meat style vegetarian even said it was pretty good.

                      1. re: arifa

                        i forgot to mention that kansai in pasadena has THE BEST seaweek wakame salad of all the ones i have tried. i think i'm going to have to get some soon.

                        1. re: arifa

                          one more to add... the wakame salad at kansai in pasadena is amazing!

                        2. i second/recommend everything they serve at samosa house/bharat bazaar
                          11510 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles California 90066. Tel: 310-398-6766
                          be sure to try their jackfruit.

                          shamshiri grill has an entire section of their menu dedicated to vegetarian dishes. my personal favorite is the vegetarian gormeh sabzi.
                          Shamshiri Grill. 1712 Westwood Blvd. Westwood, CA 96137 (310) 474-1410

                          26 beach will substitute tofu for meat in any of their great salads and they offer vegetarian burgers
                          26 Beach Restaurant 3100 Washington Blvd. (just west of Lincoln), Venice • 310-823-7526.

                          rahel ethiopian restauarant , which is entirely vegan, and is my favorite, has already been mentioned (i recommend trying their shiro ) , but there are two other ethiopian restaurants (not vegetarian) that also serve good vegetarian platters: awash on pico blvd, and meals by genet on fairfax (closed monday and tuesday).

                          1. for hamburgers, try the veggie burger served at the counter.
                            it is not fake meat, but a composite of vegetables and beans.
                            i like having it with some of their excellent blue cheese as one of the toppings.
                            they give you a choice of type of bun, but if you are interested in cutting carbs/calories, they will serve it to you on a bed of lettuce.
                            santa Monica, CA 90405
                            (310) 399-8383

                            also, THE SPOT, in hermosa beach (basically right on the beach at 2nd st), serves excellent vegetarian fare.

                            110 2nd St, Hermosa Beach - (310) 376-2355

                            for truly innovative cooking that is inspired by mexican cuisine, try HOMEGIRL CAFE for breakfast or lunch. they have some amazing vegetarian options. imho, they serve TERRIFIC food at very reasonable prices in a hole-in-the-wall luncheonette environment. if they served this stuff anywhere on the westside, they'd be mobbed and i'd be having lunch there everyday.
                            1818 E. First Street
                            Los Angeles, CA 90033
                            (323) 268-9353

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                            1. re: westsidegal

                              ack - the hamburger recommendation reminded me of one i forgot. surprisingly, houstons (again, in pasadena) has a really yummy veggie burger. this one has beets in it and probably some oats and other stuff i can't quite place. it's probably my favorite non-meat-style veggie burger.

                              1. re: arifa

                                thank you so much for this suggestion.
                                i tried it last night at the houstons in manhattan beach.
                                it was terrific!
                                i followed our waitress' suggestion and had them grill the onions.
                                their couscous with almonds and raisons, and their asparagus vinegrette were also excellent.

                              2. re: westsidegal

                                I've read a lot about Homegirl, and really want to try it, but I'm never in that part of town!

                                1. re: Diana

                                  Houston's Veggie burger is off the charts amazing i wish i knew what was in it....... I'd prefer this to any meat burger anywhere and i'm not a vegetarian.


                                  1. re: Ben7643

                                    It clearly has beets in it; a seemingly strange ingredient, but it works. Kind of a messy burger - maybe a knife and fork burger rather than a handheld - but mighty fine blend of flavors.

                                    1. re: Ben7643

                                      If you search around, some folks have aproximated the recipe. Sounds like beets or beet juice, oats, black beans, maybe prunes, and some other stuff.

                                      It sounds really good. Peta hypes it up here: http://www.peta.org/feat/goldbun/2.html

                                      (I'm surprised, because supposedly there's a honey glaze, at least according to one article I read).

                                      Does anyone know if the veggie burger and bun at Houston's are vegan if you order it without cheese / mayo / whatever? Apparently, the burger itself is entirely vegetable based, but not sure about the bun etc. I'm very curious to try it after reading so many glowing reviews.

                                      1. re: Ben7643

                                        Another non-vegetarian that loves Houston's Veggie Burger.

                                        I've been meaning to try out this recipe:

                                        1. re: decembergirl

                                          the veggie burger at lucky devil's is far better than houston's

                                  2. A few not mentioned...

                                    The veggie chilis at Chili My Soul (they're generally not served at Jinky's or other outposts that serve their chilis)
                                    Most items at Madeleine Bistro
                                    Mac'n'Cheese at Koo Koo Roo (I know, I know) and Kate Mantilini
                                    buttermilk pancakes at Du-Pars
                                    Mao's Chinese Kitchen-- almost everything w/ meat subs... love the kung pao
                                    Omelettes at Hugo's (and oatmeal frittata), The Firehouse, Eat Well, Ed's Coffee Shop
                                    Miso glazed eggplant at Whole Foods
                                    Mrs Winston's salad bar
                                    Newsroom Cafe
                                    Campanile's Cottage Cheese Pancakes
                                    Newsroom Cafe- fire-roasted artichoke, quesadillas, blue corn waffle, date smoothie
                                    Salads at The Dressing Room
                                    Oatmeal at Doughboys, John O'Groats, Firehouse, Rose Cafe, Toast, Square One
                                    Pancakes at Griddle Cafe

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                                    1. re: Emme

                                      Jinky's in Santa Monica often has one veggie chili from Chili My Soul - useful for when one wants a chili omelette or chili veggie burger.

                                    2. Pretty much anything at Madeleine Bistro, but especially the risotto-crusted mushrooms and the red curry.

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                                      1. re: Das Ubergeek

                                        And to top it off Madeleine is actually vegan.

                                        1. re: Das Ubergeek

                                          I hate to disagree once again, but I didn't think the arborio rice crusted mushrooms were that special. I was really looking forward to them, because I /love/ both mushrooms and risotto, but I thought that appetizer was merely Ok. I do like Madeleine Bistro overall, though, and the desserts there are great.

                                        2. I absolutely LOVE the food from the Vegetarian Soul Food booth and the Hollywood Farmer's market. All of the food is vegan, contrary to the name of the place. The dinner plate is $10 and consists of good-sized helpings of kale, beans, rice, delicious mac and 'cheese' and even more delicious barbecued tofu. Perfect with a strawberry lemonade from the booth across the way!

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                                          1. re: Amella

                                            Igotta try it! This is the SAturday market?

                                          2. The smoked gluten at Beansprouts in Arcadia is great. It *is* salty, but so deeply smoked it truly is the only vegan approximation of cold smoked barbecue. I mean it, it's wonderful. I often drive to Arcadia from Mt. Washington just to get a few orders to squirrel away.

                                            They also have very good sushi-type vegetable rolls and an unusual crispy bean curd and seaweed appetizer encrusted with honey-lashed sesame seeds.

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                                            1. re: soyarra

                                              Wow - the smoked gluten is really good. I love Bean Sprouts, but I haven't had much there that's really exceptional. The taste and texture of the smoked gluten is great.

                                            2. Cafe Vegan on Beverly, just east of Fairfax, has amazing veggie orange chicken. it's as close to the real thing i've ever had, in fact it may even be better.

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                                              1. re: Clyde

                                                the best I've had was from Vegetable Delight in Chatsworth

                                              2. I'm not a vegetarian, but Vito's Pizzeria serves up several great vegetarian dishes: notably their cheese pizza, vegetarian pizza and white pizza. And also a fabulous eggplant parmigiana sandwich.