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Jun 25, 2007 12:17 PM

Pizza at Bloom Cafe - yum

Tried it for the first time last night. The blue cheese and butternut squash was fantastic. Ordinarily I'm not that into pizza with more carbs on top of it (e.g. potatoes) but this flavor combination was great. We also had a custom pizza with spicy chicken and jalapenos - wimp that I am, I ate around the jalapenos, but the pizza still had a kick to it, and was also really good. Nice thin but not too thin crust, and top quality ingredients. Two large pizzas were more than enough for 4 people, and at about $17 each, not cheap if your point of comparison is Domino's or Pizza Hut with a coupon, but very reasonable compared to other "high end" pizza restaurants.

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  1. was your experience with their service?

    My first (and last) time there, I enjoyed the food yet was disappointed with their service. When sh*t happens, I LOVE IT when the staff takes responsibility (because we're all human and it's inevitable). "Oh, I'm sorry! I completely forgot to bring you your wine. I'll return with that right away." Love it.

    At Bloom Cafe, however, I had an earful of "Your pizza is coming right out" and then it doesn't. And some of "I'll bring that right away" and they don't.

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      Dynamike, I can excuse bad service as long as people are genuinely apologetic...OR...if it's the first few weeks of operations and the growing pains are obvious.
      When did you experience your first/last visit? If it was a long time ago, give them another shot. Granted, they aren't uber-high on the service list, but they've solidified their staff and are doing much better.

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        I forgot to mention that we had it delivered, and I have no complaints about the speed of delivery, temperature of the food, etc. I have heard others say that the service can be a bit slow.