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Jun 25, 2007 12:16 PM

Ricky Ray's BBQ Plano

Well I tried it for lunch and must say I was surprised. It's East Texas BBQ, smoke on the brisket was quite good and the sauce was good. It's nothing to look at inside, but it's all they need.

I had a feeling it would be good when I walked in and it had a smokey smell They also have very tasty sweet potato fries. I would recommend it over anything locally.

The only downside is that they only have Pepsi products, so it's better to get it to go.

3100 Independence Parkway, Suite 299 (Independence & Parker SE Corner facing Parker
)Plano, Texas 75075


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  1. Thanks for the tip, I'll stop by and give it a try! Definitely gotta get it to go with some nice beer.

    1. I must respectfully disagree with the rating of "quite good". I just came back from there, having gotten a brisket plate for lunch. I thought the brisket was tough/chewy and the sauce was too sweet. I do give a thumbs up the the two sides I had, potato salad and coleslaw - they were good. Service was kind of slow, since it took 15 minutes to get my order and there were only 5 other people in the place.

      Overall, I like Sonny Bryan's much better. Ricky Ray's is a step above Dickey's, but that's not saying too much.

      As with everything else, YMMV.

      Mr Bean

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      1. re: mrbean

        You must have gotten a bad batch, I went tonight and had the ribs they were much better than anything I have had any Sonny Bryan's they actually tasted of smoke, unlike anything I have had at Sonny Bryan's.

        But again everybody to their own taste.

        1. re: irodguy

          Good point. I guess I shouldn't totally condemn a place based on just one visit. I hope I just got a bad batch of brisket that hadn't been cooked quite long enough. I like to see the individual owned places do well. I was just disappointed after getting excited about having a bbq place close to where I work.

          1. re: mrbean

            We live near Ricky Ray's but never tried it. When we finally decided to go in, they had closed the restaurant. Any other suggestions?

            1. re: timthetoolman

              Try Rudy's Country Store BBQ in Frisco :)

              1. re: timthetoolman

                As far as in Plano. Not really. I hear that Kelly's Eastside does a good job on the smoker for ribs; but I haven't ever had them myself. If you live near Ricky Ray's old location I wouldn't exactly call Rudy's close. I think Red, Hot and Blue does a nice job. Definitely not central Texas quality but good food none the less. Plano doesn't seem to have a lot of "mom and pop" type of BBQ places that I have found.