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Jun 25, 2007 12:15 PM

Anybody eaten at Rosendales in Columbus Ohio?

Can you tell me about it? Thanks!

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  1. I am dying to, but haven't yet. Here's a link to a local (Columbus) blogger who wrote it up...and features really nice pictures of the food.

    I know another woman who had dinner there recently and says it's as close as she's experienced to big city dining in Columbus.

    If you go, please report back on the Midwest board with your review!! Enjoy!

    1. I went a few weeks ago and loved it. The place is beautiful - sit on the bottom floor if you can to be able to see everything. Our service was great - very friendly but not too much. We had truffled popcorn from the bar, beef carpaccio on potato spheres (such a beautiful presentation), caesar salad and some amazing soup that I am blanking on right now, scallop entree with parmesan pototoes and the monkfish in parchment. I didn't have room for dessert. I would put it up against any of the big-city places I've been to. The presentation was beautiful, the food tasted great and was very creative, and the service was super. I hope I have as good an experience next time. I would like to try their tasting menu. The whole menu is on their website -

      1. We had a fairly dissappointing experience at Rosendale's. I'll blame it on how busy they were during the Gallery Hop in June. The service was pleasant but slow. Fish was not fresh; interesting preparations without flavor. I have read his credentials, and am willing to give him another try - but so far not good.

        1. I went about a month ago. The space is lovely, though the "single" booths feel kind of cramped. The presentations are gorgeous. SO had some sort of rare tuna (It's been a while, so details are fuzzy) and I had soup to start, cauliflower, as I recall. The soup was obviously made of good ingredients, but it just wasn't seasoned enough. SO loved the tuna, but it's hard to screw up really fresh tuna. There was a savory "ice cream" accompanying the tuna, which was intriguing.

          My entree was a sort of seafood stew, cooked en parchment. The seafood was very fresh, and the broth was light without a lot of fat, but again, the flavors just weren't assertive enough for me. I detected a saffron flavor, but not much else.

          Service was excellent, especially the attention we received from the wine guy. We are not big spenders and we ordered a modest bottle from Portugal, but he came over twice to let us "taste" other things he had in the cellar. He was really engaging, without overly interrupting our meal.

          All in all, I think Rosendale's is off to a very promising start. I hope the chef uses more creativity in seasoning, to match the superb quality of his ingredients and his presentation. I'll go again, but I'll wait till late summer or fall as the menus seem to change with the seasons.