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Jun 25, 2007 12:10 PM

barrel barbequed oysters? anywhere inLA

A while back we were up at Point Reyes, and after our hike down to the lighthouse there was a guy at the beach who was barrel BBQing oysters with some cocktail sauce for $1 each.

maybe I could not find this in LA but could someone point me where to at least buy these oysters and maybe, how to cook them?? it seemed like he just put them on the grill and either cut or waited for them to open.

I am having an awful craving for these!!!

thank you all

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  1. Check out the Chinese markets in San Gabriel Valley. Can't be specific because a Vietnamese friend had a BBQ on father's day had someone get a couple cases from a different place she normally gets them at because they ran out. She has them every year and last year they were as big as your foot, but this year they averaged about 7" each.
    They were Pacific Oysters and the oyster tag on the bags said they came from Portland, OR. She served them with a home made chili sauce and green onions.

    BBQ them over coals for no longer than a couple minutes on each side. They "will not" open up if you cook them, so don't wait. Stick a butter knife into side where the shells meet and they pry open easily.