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Jun 25, 2007 12:09 PM

Does Maple Walnut ice cream exist anymore in NYC?

With all these fancy ice cream places popping up, it's hard to find the tried and true flavors that you remember having as a kid. Case in point: Maple Walnut. I live in Park Slope and neither Uncle Louie G's nor Haagen Daaz nor Maggie Moos scoops this flavor! I'm not looking for Double Chocolate Raspberry Peanut and Cashew Avocado Garlic Caramel Swirl. I'm just looking for plain Maple Walnut! Is that so much to ask? And you would think that Ben and Jerry's being from Vermont and all would carry this flavor, but they don't. Let's get back to basics here, people. Can anyone tell me of a scoop shop that carries Maple Walnut?
I'm going nutty just thinking about it.

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    1. re: Cheese Boy

      wow. ...i MIGHT just have to make the trek to staten island.

      1. re: emiloooo

        Three locations. ... ... ... ... call before you go.
        Look --->

    2. Isn't maple walnut a Carvel flavor? I've only ever seen it at Carvel's.

      1. Emack and Bolio's sometimes has it.

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        1. re: akk

          FYI, I walked by Emack & Bolio's on 1st Ave. betw. 81st and 82nd today and noticed that they do have Maple Walnut currently, but I would call before making a substantial trek.

        2. Maple Walnut is a favorite of mine. If you're willing to trek to Princeton, NJ, you can find it at Thomas Sweet.

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          1. re: RGR

            Isn't there a Thomas Sweet in New Brunswick? It's a bit more convenient from NYC.

            1. re: njeggy1

              njeggy1, I didn't know that, but you're right! I didn't think to click on "Locations" on the website, but doing so now shows four:


          2. Hinsch's in Brooklyn has it occasionally too. Straight shot on the "R", less of a pain than Staten Island.

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            1. re: haleyjen

              where is Hinsch's? in bay ridge?

              Thanks for all the suggestions! I will go on a Maple Walnut tour galore. I can't wait.